AP's 14 LB Balls Win Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League

(I really, REALLY wanted to use that headline.)

Yes, the 2010 installment of the Daily Norseman 2010 Fantasy Football League came to a conclusion when the final gun sounded at Lincoln Financial Field on Tuesday night, and we have declared a champion.

Lee Puckett and his team, "AP's 14 LB Balls," took home the title by defeating my team, the Dead Parrots Society, in the championship game. I had the lead going into the Tuesday nighter, but with Adrian Peterson yet to play for Lee's team, I knew that I was probably in trouble. Sure enough, AP put up 118 yards and a TD, and even his one lost fumble wasn't enough to keep his team from prevailing by a final count of 140 to 125.3.

Here are the score cards from this week's championship game. Dead Parrots Society on the left, AP's 14 LB Balls on the right.

Actives Stats Total
M. Cassel QB 314 PaYd, 3 PaTD (14,5,75), 20 RuYd 29.7
D. McFadden RB 45 RuYd, 31 ReYd, 4 Recpt 11.6
R. Rice RB 92 RuYd, Recpt 10.2
P. Garcon WR -5 RuYd, 35 ReYd, ReTD (7), 3 Recpt 12.5
B. Marshall WR 102 ReYd, 10 Recpt 20.2
C. Cooley TE 48 ReYd, 5 Recpt 9.8
R. Mendenhall RB-WR-TE 65 RuYd, RuTD (1), 18 ReYd, 2 Recpt 16.3
R. Bironas K 2 XP 2
Buccaneers DST 15 PA, 174 YDS, 3 SACK 13
Total 314 PaYd, 3 PaTD (14,5,75), 217 RuYd, RuTD (1), 234 ReYd, ReTD (7), 2 XP, 25 Recpt
15 PA, 174 YDS, 3 SACK
Reserves Stats Total
J. Campbell QB 231 PaYd, PaTD (6), 10 RuYd 16.55
J. Forsett RB 12 RuYd, 5 ReYd, 2 Recpt 3.7
D. Bess WR 34 ReYd, ReTD (13), FL, 5 Recpt 12.4
S. Holmes WR 3 RuYd, 69 ReYd, ReTD (23), FL, 4 Recpt 15.2
P. Harvin RB-WR-TE 6 RuYd, 100 ReYd, 7 Recpt 17.6
J. Reed K FG (47), 2 XP 6
Rams DST 17 PA, 331 YDS, Int, DFR, 4 SACK, STY 14
Total 231 PaYd, PaTD (6), 31 RuYd, 208 ReYd, 2 ReTD (13,23), 2 FL, FG (47), 2 XP, 18 Recpt
17 PA, 331 YDS, Int, DFR, 4 SACK, STY
Actives Stats Total
B. Roethlisberger QB 320 PaYd, PaTD (43), 2 RuYd, RuTD (1), FL 24.2
A. Bradshaw RB 31 RuYd, 41 ReYd, FL, 5 Recpt 10.2
A. Peterson RB 118 RuYd, RuTD (1), 11 ReYd, FL, Recpt 17.9
M. Austin WR 6 RuYd, 115 ReYd, ReTD (37), FL, 6 Recpt 22.1
K. Britt WR 89 ReYd, ReTD (53), 4 Recpt 18.9
J. Tamme TE 78 ReYd, ReTD (18), 7 Recpt 20.8
R. Torain RB-WR-TE 65 RuYd, RuTD (1), 4 ReYd, 2 Recpt 14.9
G. Hartley K FG (52), 2 XP 7
Bears DST 34 PA, 393 YDS, Int, DFR 4
Total 320 PaYd, PaTD (43), 222 RuYd, 3 RuTD (1,1,1), 338 ReYd, 3 ReTD (18,53,37), 4 FL, FG (52), 2 XP, 25 Recpt
34 PA, 393 YDS, Int, DFR
Reserves Stats Total
T. Gerhart RB 6 RuYd 0.6
P. Thomas RB 63 RuYd, RuTD (2), 39 ReYd, 7 Recpt 23.2
B. Westbrook RB 40 RuYd, 3 ReYd, 2 Recpt 6.3
M. Floyd RB-WR-TE   0
M. Williams RB-WR-TE 15 ReYd, 2 Recpt 3.5
D. Akers K 2 XP 2
Giants DST 45 PA, 515 YDS, DFR, 2 SACK 4
Total 109 RuYd, RuTD (2), 57 ReYd, 2 XP, 11 Recpt
45 PA, 515 YDS, DFR, 2 SACK

There were a couple of moves that I probably could have made to give myself a few more points, but hey. . .I wasn't benching Ray Rice or anything crazy like that, Chris Cooley totally embarrassed himself by dropping a TD pass when there wasn't a guy within ten yards of him. . .but, in the end, Lee had the better team. Congratulations and kudos to him on bringing home the league trophy.

We didn't officially have a trophy or prize that we were playing for, but REVENGE4FAVRE came through in a big way with the prize completely and totally of his own volition. Big ups to him for that as well.

And, so, another edition of the Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League is in the books. How did everyone else out there do in their fantasy leagues?

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