(T-)Jacked Up

In a season that couldn't seem to get any stranger, the course took another unexpected path today, starting with the third play of the game against the Buffalo BillsBrett Favre took the snap, rolled out on a bootleg, and must have thought (for a split second) that he was 15 years younger and looked to scramble (perhaps the exhilaration of last week's game-winning scramble got to his head.)  Of course, that slight lane closes pretty quick when you're 41 years old, and this is the result:

 Brett Favre (bottom) #4 Of The <a class='sbn-auto-link' href=

Of course, in true Favre Fashion, the pass does find a way to flutter out of his hands and into those of a defender.

Lucky for us, two (well, let's make it three for good measure) things happened the rest of the game:

1. The Bills sucked.  All that talk about them being "better than a 2-9" was disproven at least on this day...

 <a class='sbn-auto-link' href=

Ryan Fitzpatrick (and the hair on his chinny-chin-chin) had no time to throw the ball, their running game never got rolling, and Steve Johnson must be really ticked at the Big Guy now.

2. Tarvaris Jackson provided a spark...

 Tavaris Jackson #7 Of The Minnesota Vikings Rushes

He most surely did enough to deserve a victory.  Yes, he threw three picks, but really only one of them was a game-changer.  One was a tipped ball, while another was a garbage-time INT after the Vikes were already comfortably in the lead.  Peyton Manning he most certainly is not, but (at this point) his overall athleticism allows him to do things that Favre couldn't dream of with his banged-up body.

3. Adrian Peterson was a monster...

  Adrian Peterson #28 Of The Minnesota Vikings Is

Three touchdowns, 107 yards, and all on a heavily taped ankle that kept his status in doubt right up until game time.  Toby Gerhart (12 carries for 54 yards) also helped keep Petey fresh for those goal-line plows.

Oh, wait, I almost also helps when this guy is out-wrestling and out-jumping everyone for TD's...

 Sidney Rice #18 Of The Minnesota Vikings Catches

Have you ever seen a guy with Rice's ability to perfectly position his body to make the catch?  Well, maybe besides some guy who wore the same #18 (albeit briefly) long ago...

All in all, it was an exciting Vikings victory that was fun to watch from beginning to end.  We're in the same mindset as the Dallas Cowboys (after firing Wade Philips) are in right now: "Screw the playoffs...we just want to win some games and get back on the right track again".  It seems to be working so far, with the real tests now upcoming.

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