Noodling the Combine

Anyone else out there watching the NFL Combine?

Other than me, and the coaches and staff of most of the NFL teams, of course :) . I even saw Chilly & Co up in a box, and Bienemy down on the field helping out by putting the running backs through their paces. Good stuff.

Since there's no other thread started on this, I figured it was time. For me, this was my first chance to get a good look at some of the marquee college players and best of all, I got to see them performing in a direct comparison. Very illuminating. This thread is just for any thoughts and observations on the Combine, what folks saw that they want to comment on or share or complain about.

It's very disappointing that Bradford, Clausen, and Tebow didn't throw for the Combine. I understand the point of not wanting to participate in something that might result in bringing down their own stock, but that's really the point of it all; to show what they're made of. Since all of them are actually throwing the ball in practice as part of their injury/surgery recovery process, I think it's B.S. that they won't throw for the Combine. It's not as if they're facing charging defenders, they're just throwing to receivers in orange-cone-delineated routes and they're not being evaluated on whether or not the throw connects with the receiver. They're evaluated on their footwork, their drop-back technique, their throwing mechanics, the speed of their release. Hitting a receiver is just icing.

The entire Combine just goes on for hour after hour, day after day, and I honestly can't sit here that long watching everything. Unfortunately. And that means that I missed a lot of the drills that I really wanted to watch. I wish they posted a clear schedule of who was going to be drilling, when, so that you could schedule your viewing time accordingly. That's another reason why I'm very interested in what the rest of you caught and your thoughts on the players.

Pike and McCoy both looked good, as expected.

Tebow's getting a huge amount of attention, but the question is, is it deserved? The man's an amazing athlete, but is he a top quality NFL quarterback? Analyst consensus was that he's a good 3rd round pick... can't argue with that. But I think that if the Vikings want him, they grab him earlier than that, or not at all. If they go for him, he's a 2 year project, minimum. He has poor throwing mechanics that will take a LOT of work to overcome, but worse, he has the same run-instinct that T-Jack suffered from in T-Jack's first couple years.

I also liked what I saw of Lefavour, and Skelton could turn out to be something special if a team has the patience for him to develop.

One guy I saw that I really liked, and I think he's underrated, is Sean Canfield. Canfield is said to have a weaker arm, but he's very accurate at short to medium ranges, and at 6'4", he's going to have great field of vision. I really liked his pocket-presence and his level of confidence. He reminds me a lot of Pennington.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the QB's Wonderlic scores. I found a sample Wonderlic test at WalterFootball, you can take it for yourself to see where you stand :) . Naturally I had to see where I stood on this, I came in at a Wonderlic score of 45 (I missed 2 questions that I saved for last). This stuff is hardly rocket-science.

There's still a lot of Combine left to see, I'll post more if I get time to watch it :)

Enough of my babbling, looking forward to your thoughts, DN'ers!

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