2011- The year of the NFL Lockout- No Football or Scab Football

 The NFL collective bargaining agreement is up after the 2011 Superbowl. Collective Bargaining.  America's favorite new past time during 2010. Will they or won't they?  Should they or Shouldn't they?  For those that don't remember NFL football is a business.  It's not about fans and 'love of the game".  It is about money.  Lots and lots of money.  Technically it is part of the entertainment industry. You as a consumer decide whether to spend your free time and hobby/activity money on movies,video games, sports, concerts, well you get the idea.

Well, the owners want to take your money and not give you the entertainment you deserve. Following I explain this irrational phenomenon.

You as a nation of fans have made the football industry powerfully wealthy.  Investments in purchasing and owning a NFL football franchise have grown 500% in the last 15 years.  Total Revenue for the league is estimated at 8 Billion dollars per year.   The TV contract alone is worth 5 Billion dollars per year to the league. That equates to $156 Million per year for each team.  That's $156 Million without ticket sales, jersey sales, hot dog and beer sales, football camp revenues, sky boxes, ect.  Considering that player salaries were capped at $128 Million last year that's a pretty good investment.  Think of it.  If you could just close down your stadium ( not have any expenses) and put games on TV and you would make 27 Million dollars free and clear.  That is a 3% Return on Investment of a 1 Billion dollar football team.  Only 25 Sport Franchises in the World are worth 1 Billion Dollars.  19 of them are NFL franchises.  The least expensive is the lowly Oakland Raiders at $800 Million dollars.

Currently the Labor contract calls for the players to get 60% of most team revenues and the owners get 40% of the revenue.  60% of the league revenue equals $129 million.  This was the deal that the owners struck with the players the last time the big TV contract came up and was finalized.  This means the owners get $86 million per club as their share.  Not a measly $27 million they can make just on TV.  Of course they have other expenses to consider but nevertheless they are not doing to bad.  But Greed is the mantra of the decade. Bankers, Hedge Fund operators, Wall Street tycoons and now NFL owners.

The owners want to cut the players portion of the revenues 18% (an adittional $23 million dollars). The players feel that since they risk their bodies and careers on every play that cutting their take isn't really fair.  After all they play hard to win.  They sacrifice to win.  Their attitude is what keeps bringing in the fans and creating all that excitement that people watch on TV. Why should their pay be cut when everything is working so well. No one is suggesting that Tom Hanks take a pay cut for his next movie role. Especially when the movie studio is making more money than ever before.   The answer in this case  is Greed.


What if,  I ,as an owner , didn't have a labor agreement.  Lets say it expires.  The members of the Players union won't play.    If they don't then I can go out and hire anyone to play for me.  This has been done before.  Not that long ago.  A Football lockout, by the owners, of members of footballs labor union.  Why would a sane business man do this?  BECAUSE, the TV contract is not cancelled and each team gets $155 Million dollars.

Honestly.  If there is a lockout the TV contract does not expire if the NFL can field 32 football teams.

The salaries will be a pittance ( probably $11 million per team) of today's salaries and the owners will pocket $110 Million each.  Of course you will be watching undrafted and  untalented ( for the most part) football players.  Your team and every team will be Terrible.  Is it a coincidence that the United Football league was created this year with the blessing of the NFL?.  A pool of talent that would be cheap and available at the end of next season.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

  But the Owners don't worry about TV ratings or fan support because ,in the past, the Fan has never lost hope.  The fan has never left Football. They always support their team. Even though the owners are putting a terrible entertainment package on the field their customer does not go away.

Over time the owners will have this money and then they will try to outbid each other for better players and the cycle will repeat itself. Rich teams will outbid poorer teams.  No parity will exist.  The owners will realize that if they have an agreement with the players it will stop the rich teams from dominating and poor teams from going out of business.  It will keep the fans totally in tune and the league will have competitive parity. Everyone will win including the owners, players, and the fans.

But for now the owners are convinced that they got taken to the woodshed the last time a contract was negotiated. They are in no mood to negotiate. Offer anyone an 18% pay cut and they will probably think your not negotiating fairly.  I am not advocating entirely for the players.  I am sure both sides have legitimate issues.  Legitimate issues can be resolved.  Greed can not.  Unless you hit the greedy person in the pocketbook.

There is a solution to this problem.  The answer lies with the consumer.  The owners need to know that if a new agreement is not entered into by august 1, 2010 (prior to the next season starting) then the consumer will boycott football.  No watching the NFL on TV.  No purchases of Jerseys.  No purchasing of season tickets. No expenditure of any kind until an agreement is worked out.  Until football is secured for our future.

I realize that season ticket holders have to make a decision now and some have seat rights they need to protect.  But a majority can send a message Now.  Not later. Perhaps something as simple as a fan pledge. Millions pledging to turn off the TV or boycott ad sponsers of the NFL.

Maybe nothing can stop the madness. But I believe that the owners are business people first. If the fans make their own deadline then the owners will listen.  Without independent fan action the owners will refuse to believe that they are not in control.

Just curious as to what the rest of the fans think.

Please post any interesting articles you may have on this subject



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