Tim Tebow and Joe Kapp- Eerily similar?

">Joe Kapp

Most of you probably don't remember Joe Kapp.  The first Viking QB to lead us to the Superbowl. He didn't do it with style.  He didn't do it with grace.  He didn't even do it with a spiral.  But he did it.

Joe's best quote:

"Is it normal to wake up in the morning in a sweat because you can't wait to beat another human's guts out?"

Now that is the way a Bud Grant coached , play outside in the cold, football team played.  By ripping your guts out.

Joe's second best quote:

"Do you know what happens after you lose a Super Bowl? The world ends. It just stops."


But I was thinking.  Could Joe have done it in today's football world?  In a game where receivers are as protected as QB's. In a game where passing skills really matter.  I would like to think so.  That drive,determination, and will power can make the difference between winning and losing in the NFL.


So what about Tebow?  Is he a Joe Kapp type?  Well some have said his passes wobble a bit. No one calls them a duck.  Some say he only throws to open receivers. Some say he is only a running QB.  Lets look.



Tim's best quote: After a 31-30 loss.

I promise you one thing, a lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season. You will never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season.

You will never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season. God bless.



OK.  He's not ripping your guts out.  But he did go on to win every single game thereafter and win the National Championship game.  He didn't blame the loss on the team.  He blamed himself and took responsibility for it.

He might not have played in the snow. But he could have.  He might not have had perfect NFL mechanics.  But he can have.

The real unspoken criticism of Tebow is the last two words.  "God Bless"  People confuse his religious nature with being nice.  They somehow confuse his being nice with someone other than an SEC QB that won game after game and ripped away the hearts and souls of Alabama, LSU, and Georgia fans everywhere.


As I watch these videos I see a couple of QBs that aren't mechanically perfect. I see some fight, desire, and the ability to move a football team.  For those of you that think Joe Kapp was not a great football player I say you may be right.  But I will guarantee you one thing.  When he played he was our Viking Quarterback.  He was our Face of the Franchise.  And we were proud. Same with Tarkenton and Culpepper. There is something more to having a Face than just having a QB on the roster.  You felt it with Farve last year.   We need a new Face.  As much as I like Clausen and Bradford.   I'm kinda thinking that I could absolutely be a Tim Tebow Fan.  Just one ugly jump pass to win the game and I would be sold.  If your not then I suggest you watch the Joe Kapp video one more time.

Do it or Joe will rip your guts out.  Tebow won't.  He will simply beat you.

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