Big Ben, politics and thank God for Brett Favre

    Yikes. Did anyone happen to read the accuser's statement against Big Ben Roethlisberger? I know this is America and you are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law, but since this is the second go around for Ben, it doesn't read well. It seems that there will be no prosecution because the accusers are not wanting to take these matters to court. I don't want to speculate about Roethlisberger's guilt. I want to look at this, and the Steelers popularity in general, from a different angle.

    First, I want to say I fully expect to suffer the wrath of "TOFU" after reading his comment on one of "ericj69's" posts a while back. This is not about the all important upcoming draft and it may contain a personal story or two. Sorry.

    Not too long ago, in the midst of the Vikings victorys on their way to the conference championship, I would always bring up the subject of football with anyone I met, always hoping to find another Viking fan to relate to. More often than not the person I met would say, I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Really? In the middle of bum____, Missouri? Are you sure you're not a Chiefs fan? After some pondering I inadvertently found out that one of those Steelers fans that I had met was also a huge Rush Limbaugh fan. I could be way off base here, but I am putting two and two together and theorizing that there are Steelers fans all over the country because they are Rush Limbaugh's favorite team. Have any of you, outside of Pennsylvania, experienced this phenomenon? Personally, I don't think I would be influenced on who would be my favorite sports team by any media star, political or not.  But you never know. ( I wonder who Lady GaGa likes?)

    There are two things you should never discuss. Politics and religion. They can turn brother against brother. Catholic vs. Protestant, Sunni vs. Shiite, etc. Since Gonzo cracked open the proverbial can of worms with his "Are we not men? We are Tebow" concerning religion, I guess it's OK to talk about politics? When I examine politics, I usually find that up is down, black is white and right is wrong.

    For example, I was looking for the political polar opposite of Rush Limbaugh and here's who I came up with. When you are traveling around you don't hear him on 10 AM and five FM stations like Mr. Limbaugh, but he did manage to get a show on MSNBC. Ed Schultz is as large as Rush and even sounds a little bit like him. I have no idea if Ed Schultz has a favorite pro football team, but I did a little research on him and found out that he attended Minnesota State University Moorhead on a football scholarship where he played quarterback, made all American and became the NAIA leading passer in 1977. He is also a family man with six children. Let's see now, Rush Limbaugh, divorced three times, no children, had a precription drug problem from illegally acquired drugs and was probably kept from playing college football by the same anal cyst that kept him out of the military. Poor guy. The reason I'm bringing all this up is to ask another question. Do you think the "family values" crowd that listenes to Rush will overlook Big Ben's off field activities and stay "die hard Steelers fans" to honor Rush, or do you think they'll turn on Ben and demand his resignation?

   I've got lots more political talk, but this is getting long and it's really nice outside.

   In the midst of Big Bens troubles, I want to close with something positive. It was what Jay Leno said way back on March the fourth when Favre was one of his guests. To paraphrase, "As long as Brett Farve keeps traveling with his mother in law and his priest, that should keep him out of the tabloids".

    All I can say is, "thank God for Brett Favre"       



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