How is the plan proceeding?

On March 31,2010  I wrote a piece entitled " The GMs plan for the Vikings..." (here).  In it I laid out a 3 step process for the One Year Plan to the Super Bowl. Lets see how the plan is coming along.

A.  Resign our own Free Agents

Well we have done just that.  We lost Chester Taylor and Artis Hicks.  We simply could not offer the long term or starter status both wanted so badly.

CB Benny Sapp-Sign with the Vikings for two years, up to $4.5 million with $1.5 million guaranteed.

DT Jimmy Kennedy-Sign with the Vikings for two years, worth as much as $6 million.

WR Greg Lewis-Signed a one-year with the Vikings.

These signings show the stability and depth of the vikings roster.   More after the jump.

B. Sign other UFA's.  Subject to the "top 8" rule we expected little in this area.

  We have signed a back-up Defensive End and a Specialty kicker ( long kick-offs).  No one doubts the benefits of more touch backs.  A quick fix to a special problem.  It does have one drawback.  It takes a roster spot.  Look for a little more flexibility from a couple other positions.  We made another move which acts like a FA signing.  Darius Reynaud has been moved from the WR corp to the RB position.  Considering that he didn't get much time as a WR this move allows the Vikings to be flexible in the draft.


C.  Sign your own RFAs.  The Vikings have succeeded in signing all but one of their RFAs.  The last hold out is Ray Edwards who said he won't sign until he has to.  That is June 15, 2010. Yes, this does mean he will miss some voluntary work-outs with his teammates.  Whether this fires up Robison and Mitchell is to be seen.  We do know that Ray is protesting the collective bargaining agreement breakdown.  Can't fault a man a good protest, especially when the breakdown cost  Ray a few million dollars.  I still see plenty of time for management to right the ship with Ray and get the locker room together .


D .The last piece of the plan was for the Vikings to draft Offensive linemen and defensive players for two reasons.

1) Defense wins championships. If Bret does not return or gets hurt we will need an extra dose of defense to see us through.

2) The running game is a new QBs best friend.  If Brett retires or gets injured we need a running game to make up the slack for Brett's efficiency.

This Thursday I expect the first 3 rounds to bring a combination of one new O-Lineman, a pass rushing LB, and a Cornerback/safety.   RBs,WR,s, TEs, QBs will come with the last 5 picks of the draft.  This is the one year plan to the Superbowl.  If we draft a QB in the first round I will be surprised although I think it is a better long term view.  If that happens then look for a CB/Safety, O-Linemen, and  LB, and later rounds DE/DT. 

It is hard to argue with success.  So far the tried and true way of building a team has been followed by Spielman and Chilly.  I really expect no change in their processes this year.  Their theory of continually adding high character, high talent players in the locker room with more and more depth is paying off.

Lets see if they can do it one more time.

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