NASCAR a sport? WARNING. Sexist Post

                              "Well so what? What's wrong with being sexy?"  Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap 

      There has been at lot of serious talk on DN lately. Politics, Favre ankle injury, draft aftermath and so on. I wanted to offer something lighthearted - sort of.

    It was last season, at a motel in Poplar Bluff Mo., that I realized I was sexist. I saw a pickup truck in the motel parking lot with a Minnesota Vikings bumper sticker and immediately thought, I'd like to talk to that guy. It was later that day that I realised that it might not have been a guy at all. That truck could have been driven by a female Viking fan, which I would also have liked to have talked to.

    Now, months later, I also realise that I'm bringing my same sexist attitude to the Daily Norseman. I just assume that most of the people, if not all,  that post and comment  on this site are male. But what do I know? I  followed Muffin Man (No question there. It's Muffin MAN) over to the Canal Street Chronicles and read some interesting posts. I saw a comment from MtnExile, and he says that Vikings fans are a "Whiny bunch of little girls". I guess he's being sexist too. Also, in part of the main post, Breesus Christ Superstar called the Daily Norseman the "Daily Menstruation". Do those guys know something I don't know? Now my mind is spinning. There are so many non-gender specific screen names on this site, I just don't know what to think anymore.

Could medicineball be writhing around in bed in her black lingerie while composing her posts and comments?

Sure, DC Purple says he has a female fiance, but It's the modern world and who's to say it's not a same sex marriage?

51% of Canadians are female, which makes Canadian Viking a little more likely to be wearing a dress.

Toes 110. Are those toes painted with a pink polish? Grime - a football expert and part time dirty slut? And then there's Tofu. Do guys even eat Tofu?

    Here are some other observations. 

Deek has a guy sounding name, plus a hearty male laugh. Everyone knows if he was female he would laugh, Tee he he.

My brother, Jethrophet, was nicknamed Jethro. Surely no one would be mean enough to nickname a girl Jethro, would they?

    I want to apologise to all of the female posters for my sexist thoughts. Women can comment on football and love football as much as any man.

    Now, with that said, I will turn all you gals against me.

    Last week NASCAR got it's hall of fame. I assume it's a couple of double wides connected together. On entry you get a free Coors lite. When you exit you get a bumper sticker that says, REDNECK AND PROUD OF IT. If sport is defined a a physical activity, NASCAR fails the test.

    I travel around the country doing construction related work. On one particular job site, when things got tough, there was this electrician that would always say, " If it was easy, women and children would be doing it". Well guess what? NASCAR has had seventeen women drivers in their history. The NFL has had, let's see, this is going to take some figuring, ZERO WOMEN PLAYERS. Even though the NFL is open to women athelets, there have been no signings. What does this mean? This means that football is one tough sport. It takes years of development, through high school, college and for the exceptional few, the big league. The National Football League, where you play a  sport that is like a testoterone filled chess game. When players get checked, they might just get checked into a hospital.

    A few years ago I was late to an out of town affair. I got in my car and drove 120 mph, as fast as it would go, for at least an hour. In those days, I was most likely steering with my left hand and sipping on a cold brew with my right. (could have been a Coors). It was so hard. I really worked my ankle muscle and it was so sore the next day. NOT. I know, it takes a lot of stamina to pull off those long races. I will say this. Those guys are not cowards. They may have a death wish, or they may be crazy, but they are not cowards. I think most NASCAR fans are just siting there waiting for the big crash. Why else would you sit there for hours and hours watching cars go around in circles. I can't think of anything more boring except maybe watching grass grow, watching paint dry, or golf. Come on all you NASCAR fans. Come on over to a sport that's exciting, where players actually have to use their muscles and their hard earned skills to make plays that win games. And remember, NASCAR must be easy. Women are doing it.


The above post is dedicated to lifelongvike, who was longing for a non-political post. It may not be viable, but has it been discussed?

It's all for you, mean, dude?  

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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