Stadium Bill to be introduced Monday UPDATE!!!!

Some info I got from ESPN, Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.


So, it is now official, the bill has been introduced as of today. The low down of the bill that was introduced is as follows:

Tax increase for hotels, car rentals and sports jersey's

Introduction of a Vikings or sports themed lottery game (Conflicting info on this one.)

Total cost would be $791 Million, $264 Mill payed by the Vikings. Any cost over runs to be paid by the Vikings.

Site is neutral, which means wouldn't necessarily be on the ashes of the Metrodome. (Anoka County and Arden Hills have expressed interest).

Vikings would sign a 40 year lease

Requirement that the NFL promise a future Super Bowl to be played there. (If a Dome is built)


The official word from the Vikings is that there is no official word. More or less a great start is their feeling. Though my feeling is if it got passed, the Vikings would more then likely go for it. The Vikings could also opt for a roofless stadium as well to lower cost's all around. The figures are that a new Domed stadium, fixed or retractable, could host approximately 300 events each year. Open air would be much less, but would be open spring through fall.

While the only tax increase involved would be Hotels, Rentals and sports apparel, Gov. Pawlenty said he was opposed to even that. While stupid to just come out and say "No", he said that before Target field was approved, so he can do a flip flop. Several legislators expressed the feeling that they would not do any special push through to try and get the bill voted on in 2 weeks time. At this time, it seems reaction might be 50/50 at best, which is a far cry better then a year ago.

Personally, it is a step in the right direction. While there are a few holes that would have to be shored up, if given time or a reintroduced at the start of the next session, it might have a better chance. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but sadly not holding my breath that this goes through. But I think a hotel/car rental/jersey tax is ok. Figuring most out of stater's, like myself, would be footing the bill. I sure as hell would not mind paying an extra buck or two on a Vikings/Twins/Wild jersey if I got it in Minny as well. 

To those of use here in DN land that live in Minnesota, keep on the politicians, to those of us, like myself, that now live out of state or never were from Minnesota and just happen to be a Vikes fan, let your voices be heard as well!


Saw this over at ESPN thanks to Kevin Seifert. More or less an updating of his story that I posted here last week.


Monday introduction for Vikes stadium bill

By Kevin Seifert

We noted last week the imminent introduction of legislation for a proposed new stadium in Minnesota. That announcement has been set for Monday morning at 10 a.m. ET at the State Capitol in St. Paul. Although the Vikings prefer to build on the current site of the Metrodome, the bill is expected to be "site-neutral" and request one or more local governments to volunteer as a financing partner. 

I don't think anyone has a good feel yet for whether this bill has a chance of passing before the legislature adjourns May 17. But in what is normally a pretty quiet time of year, this will be one of the bigger stories we follow here on the NFC North blog. The Vikings' lease will expire after the 2011 season. As always, stay tuned.



So hopefully something will get done. I shot off an email to Cory over at Save The Vikes and he said everyone just needs to keep emailing and calling the state reps. While I'm 1200 miles away from home, have done the blanket emailing to all the politicians up there, so come on folks! The fact a bill is getting introduced and the fact some politicians are starting to listen say's alot on the voices being raised. While not out of the woods by a long shot, this is a very positive step.

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