A non D.N. sanctioned keeper fantasy league! Updated with RULES

I tried to post this league last year, but I was way late in the game, like mid August. Just ALOT more early this year. So the minor details is this. It is the 3rd year of this league, it is a keeper, Im commish, it's on Yahoo, it's FREE (can't beat that), I have sent invites to the teams that were there in the first 2 season's, but also inviting you guys. Set at 14 teams, 2 divisions (no inter-divisional play till playoffs). 

THE BIG RULE! And what makes this league really fun or more frustrating then golf, if you win your weekly game, you get to force a trade of a player of the same position on the team you just beat. Such as you can force a trade by giving the other team Trent Edwards for Phillip Rivers. But also, they beat you, they get someone off your team.

You can also franchise 2 players that cannot be touched by another team in a trade. But you CAN'T move the franchise designation from player to player, week to week. Once you pick your franchise players, that stays with them the whole season. Only exception to that is if the player is lost to IR.

I'm also sending invites on facebook as well. So if one league fills up, I may start a second league with identical settings. If your interested, drop me a post or email me. If your email is private on here, please send me your email through here and I will send a league invite to you.



Each team will franchise 2 players. These players will remain with that team for the duration of the season. Franchise Tags CANNOT be switched to another player UNLESS that player is placed on the IR. Franchise players will be posted on the Commissioner's Note and your "Team Slogan". Also, list two Alternate Franchise players in your "Team Slogan" in-case a franchised player goes onto the IR. Designation will automatically transfer once a franchised player is officially placed via the NFL. If you DO NOT designate alternates, the designation will automatically go to the next player who had the highest points the previous season REGARDLESS of who was drafted first. 

You may also elect to DECLINE a trade if you feel there is not player you want from the losing team. Please post "Declined Trade" on the message board so I can take note. 

Each weeks winning team will be allowed to force a trade for one player from the team they defeated. Again, franchised players are protected; all other players can be traded for in exchange for any player who plays the same position (QB for QB, WR for WR, etc.). Trades will be forced by the commissioner. To eliminate a winning team from picking up and sending a third string player for a starting player in return, a player needs to be on your roster for one week and one game. You may trade a player who is currently on a disabled list for one who is active. You may trade a player that is on his Bye week and vice versa. 

NO TRADES WILL BE ALLOWED DURING THE SEASON OTHER THEN FORCED TRADES. Free Agency will be normal. The forced trades are also in effect for the playoffs. 

Trade request's MUST be in no later then Friday for Sundays games, Thursday for Saturday games, Wednesday for Thursday games (11:59PM Central deadline). Any trade request past this will be VOID. Please be aware and look ahead! 

If after 2 weeks, there appears to be no activity from your team, an email will be sent to you. If no response by the conclusion of the 3rd inactive week, your team will be considered abandoned and all active players released to Free Agency and replaced by inactive or unused players. IF FOR SOME REASON, YOU ARE UNABLE TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR TEAM, CONTACT ME AND I WILL BE HAPPY TO SET YOUR TEAM ACCORDING TO YOUR WISHES. 

PLEASE POST ALL FRANCHISED AND CURRENT ALTERNATE FRANCHISE PLAYERS IN YOUR TEAM SLOGAN. Alternate Franchise Players are NOT protected so keep them up too date if you lose one via a trade! 

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