The Vikings Golden Years

I have been wandering about the land of SB and in my travels have visited many odd and mystical sites.  Many of these sites have had serious things to say about our Vikes.  Most of them believe that we are over the cusp and that we are an aged balloon with nothing inside and only a papery thin shell that has become brittle with age.


To this I say suck it.  Seriously, it seems like every one out there thinks that our team is straight up geriatric and that next year we'll be losing 6-10 starters that we have no back ups for.  In the same vein of course when asked about their back ups they are all glowing reviews about how fast this guy is or how amazing this guy over here who's been on the practice squad for his entire career is going to be.


So let us get our hands dirty a bit and look into this quandary.

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First QB

Favre (40), TJ (27), Sage (30):  We all know Favre is going to retire this year.  He better personally I do not want to see him back again after we win it all this year.  The man is getting up there.   However, we do have an adequate back up in TJ.  No he will not win games off his arm and I do talk a LOT of crap about him but he will be able to manage a game with AD and honestly, we will be picking up a new QB in the near future anyway.  Age?  Serious issue, but honestly it is a wash since the man is only here for one year anyway.


Running Backs

AD(25), Gerhart(23), Reynaud(24):  Ok all of these guys are either just starting or in their prime.  AD has run for four years now I know running backs die quick but I would say he has another 3-4 years before that becomes a serious problem.  Especially since, we have a heisman runner up helping him with the load now. 

Age?   Not a problem



McKinney (30), Hutch (32), Sully (25), Herrera (30), Loadholt (24):  Ok half the line is old half is young.  Degeare is coming along nicely and will pick up Hutch or Hererras spot, we have several perennial back ups.  I know we do not have anyone as special as TJ Lang or College backing up our starters but then I am happy our back ups are better than that.

Age?  Yeah we will have to fill holes in the future but we started with Degeare and you do not want to overhaul your entire line at once.  We will need two more soon though.



Shiancoe (30), K-Sauce (33), Mills(26), Dugan(29), Mickey Shuler(23)

All these people except K-sauce will be around for a while Dugan is Saucers replacement as a blocking TE.  Mills is a solid catcher just cannot seem to stay healthy.  Therefore, we have a good catcher to back up Shiancoe.  I am just not seeing a problem here.  We drafted a new rookie with hands who will probably be in the practice squad.  I don't see any issues here what so ever.

Age?  Not an issue Shiancoe will be in the league for a good while longer and Mills is a solid pass catcher as well if he can stay healthy, if not the rookie can come in and impress.



Rice (23) Harvin (22), Berrian (29), Lewis(30), Jaymar Johnson(26):  Don't even need to talk about this, Berrian is getting older but then he doesn't catch a lot of balls anyway and in reality I think this is the position they brouoght Joe Webb in for.

Age?  Really our two best receivers are barely old enough to drink…


So on offense we are looking at the positions we need to fill in the next four years.  Left Guard, Right Guard,  Left Tackle and QB.  Obviously, we are far too old to be viable in the near future.  Degeare is our replacement for Hutch or Hererra, and have some time before Mt McKinney is going to go the way of the dodo.  Yeah it will stink to lose an all Pro guard in the near future but it’s odd, many teams have semi decent guards and they are projected to hit the Super Bowl… Weird.





Got Phat Pat (37), Kevin Williams (30), Guillon (23), Kennedy (31):  Ok with this people get all excited about Pat being 95.  Seriously?  Yes, Pat is a man-child but of the two inside people, Wiliams is the future hall of famer.  We will miss Pat, but we do have a back up that we just gave a two year deal.



Jared Allen (28), Ray Edwards (25), E Griffen (22), Robison (27):  Young group here average age like 25.  Do not see the problem.  In addition, we just got a rookie who should have some skills.



Greenway (27), Henderson (30), Brinkley (25), Leber (31):  Yep getting a bit old here.  However, already have a replacement for Henderson in Brinkley and he did a very solid job last year and I expect him to get much better as he keeps working in the NFL.  We will end up needing a replacement for Leber fairly soon as he is our drop into pass coverage linebacker.



Asher Allen(22), Chris Cook(23), Griffen(27), Lito(29), Winfield(33), Sapp(29).  Allen, Cook and Griffen are all young players.  Lito was brought on as a stopgap for Griffens injury and Cook looks to be Winfield’s successor while Allen can play in the nickel.  I do not see a problem here as everyone who is not old so far has played fairly well.  No one is amazing me (although I think Cook is the real deal) but then our CB's never were very good anyway...



So looking at the defense we can seein the next 2-3 years several people starting to slide.  Some of these have back ups already in place.  Pat has Kennedy who maybe not as good as Pat but can do what needs to be done.  EJ has Brinkley, I think this will be seamless as Brinkley will still be working in plays with EJ this year.  Winfield will be replaced by Cook and I can see him already working on hitting people Winfield style.  The only person on defense I don't see us having a back up for is Leber.  And luckily we'll probably be able to draft someone in the next two years to fill his spot.


Ok here it goes, this is by no means and end all post on what is happening more of a starter so others can work their own ideas into it.  I do not think we are in a terrible situation, I do not think after this year our team will just fall completely apart.  I do believe we will be in the same spot we were two years ago a QB away from a great team.


As for the doubters and the haters, it is hard to get on this team.  HARD.  We have many very talented players.  You do not see the back ups because why would you?  However, the times I have seen some of them come in and play has given me hope that we will have a team after this year, and we'll still be whooping up on Green Bay while we're at it...


Also, we've been pretty successful at drafts lately, but that is another post.

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