The Final Roster- You Make the Call

Let's really start looking at what the final roster cuts might be before Sundays game. Its early but I wanted to see how many spots were really open and what I would do if I were the one making the decision.  I think there is one thing we can all agree on.  Its a really good thing I am not in charge of making that decision.  But What would you do.

Lets jump to some facts

The offense of the 2009 Vikings had 12 starters.  Here are the starters for Offense:

Farve, Peterson,  Berrian, Rice, Harvin, Kliensasser, Shiancoe, Sullivan,Herrera, Hutchinson, Loadholt, and McKinney

The defense had 12 starters last year.  Here are the starters for defense:

Allen, Edwards, Williams, Williams, Greenway, EJ Henderson, Leber, Winfield, Griffen, Sapp, M Williams, and Johnson

The Special teams had several players that played in all 16 games last season.  Since none of these guys are starters I will assume they are the kind of special team players that have unique talents and are not going to be replaced by late round picks and left over veterans.  At least I have not heard of anybody in training camp that is outplaying these players.  Here are our special team units.  I'm including Rhys LLoyd because I think he could be a valuable addition.  However he might be the first player I ditch if he doesn't show improvement from the first pre-season game.

Here are the starters for Special teams:

Longwell, Lloeffler, LLoyd, Kluwe, Abdullah, Brinkley, Farwell, Frampton, Onatula, Sanford

Out of this group I am cutting Onatula for lack of space ( per Grime's reminder)


Second string players. Here are the players that last year played significant game time and earned the spot as an immediate substitute.  I would expect them all to return to the roster. Here is your starting second string:

Ryan Cook, Tahi,, Sapp, Greg Lewis, Kennedy, Evans, Asher Allen.  I am adding Jaymee Mitchell ( per Grimes reminder)

I have cut Jeff Dugan from this list. I just see younger replacements available now that are just as good.

For those counting I have listed 41 Players.  The active roster for every game is 45 players plus an emergency QB.

I have yet to list a 2nd and 3rd running back.  I have yet to list the #2 QB. I haven't listed Several players we need to field a team.  However there are 53 roster spots so let me fill in a few names we can not do without in my opinion.

Chris Cook, Toby Gerhart, Tavaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, Jon Cooper, Chris DeGeare,

Brian Robison, and Leroy Guion,

This leaves four (4) players to make this team.

You have your choice of:

Everson Griffen, Albert Young, Darius Reynaud, Joe Webb,  Ian Johnson, , Garret Mills, Mickey Shuler, Lito Sheppard,  One or more of the  7 remaining WRs, One or more of the remaining training camp bodies that are striving for a position on the O-Line and D-Line.

Right now I am choosing

Darius Reynaud- RB and back up WR and Special Team Returner

Garret Mills- I like what I have seen although Dugan might be better on special teams

I want to keep the nextt two candidates. Both have the type of special skills you must have to keep building a winning football team

Joe Webb as a WR and Special team player- This he has to prove in the next three pre-season games

Everson Griffen- To much talent to waste.

To do anything different then someone must go and someone must be added.  I realize that the injury reserve list allows some temporary replacements but since everyone should be back prior to 6 weeks I'm looking at this as our roster and not considering I/R

Who would you Remove and who would you add?

Is their anyone you are watching in the next couple of games?

If you wish to remove one of my names simply say Remove_______________ and Replace with ______________.


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