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I have been watching some of the packers games. Their offense is gonna be downright scary they got so many weapons and their o-line has improved. I think greg jennings and Jermicha finley are gonna have big years. A-rod is amazing this person can make any throw. 

Our defence matches up quite well with any team because we only need to rely on four fronts with the primary pressure, which is going to make secondary lives much easier. With a much-improved ray Edwards, I feel we can take a step forward. We have so much depth and talent at the dl position. I am not worried our corners we have depth and talent. Iam just worried about our safetys only 1 int last year. like you say, if you're so low you can only go up. If they improve, we are going to be ok. As a cover 2 team, Finely is going to have a good chance destroy us...its all going to depend on our olb and especially the mlb responsible for coverage in the middle.

the defence of the packers are going to be overrated as usual. They were #1 defense but they were good against bad qbs who couldnt beat the pressure. We all know how we torched the packers secondary. I expect the packers to be good but their secondary and olb is going to be there downfall.They havent improved their defense at all. Some people might suggest that another year in the 3-4 they are gonna become better but i disagree, they dont have the talent to against us for a matter of fact.

Can they bring the pressure on favre? that is the question, Packers scheme rely on pressure if we can keep favre upright its gonna be like last season.

Other than clay matthews they have no pass rushers? Correct me if I am wrong there, i just dont see how are they going to bring the pressure. They were 30th last year in qb pressure and no improvement. Their olb seem weak to me in this scheme. In camp and preaseason, packers gazette said they were mediocre.

Their corners are aging, woodson like 33 al harris 34, they are not gonna keep up with a healthy berrian rice or harvin. Woodson is not going to have an mvp season just like favre but who are u willing to bet that might duplicate that success?

They had the most penalties per game last year with 7.4 per game. With a grind of an nfl season, if one of their old o-line goes down expect jared allen to pitch a tent in the packers backfield and increase in false starts.

i just found this on the internet breaks down the stats for us, and the Red Zone Scoring Percentage for opponents of the Packers in 2009 was a whopping 61.5%. Over half the time opponents got into the red zone, they scored on the Packers. Their run defense was consistent in the red zone, as only five total touchdowns came from runs, tied for firstin the NFL.

However, the Packers tied for fourth in the NFL in passing touchdowns allowed.

If we investigate further, we find that the Packers Defense was extremely average at defending the No. 2 receiver, at 15th overall compared to the rest of the NFL (Courtesy of This of course lends credibility to an article on that mentions Tramon Williams isn't a very good No. 2 cornerback at this stage in his career

They also go on to state the cb that are returning are going to become a major boost. I doubt that havet seen anything yet.

You may think iam putting too much thought into the preseason. Actually, I am looking at the skill set of the players. Capers has been using a vanilla scheme so teams wont know schemes and such but from a talent perspective you can see why with a vanilla scheme, the talents are magnified. 

This half fan boy/half observation


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