The Pentagon of Diversity Rides Again

And the angel said unto them, Fear not...     Luke 2:10

Yes, the Viking brass know what has been going on with Rice, and they've been cooking up a recipe to zest up the stew while the wild visions of beat reporters twirled all around them.

Both Cedric and Sidney went into camp already on the PUP list, so if either of them don't come off the PUP list before the season starts, they will miss at least six games by the NFL rules, after which there is a three week window in which they must start practicing if they are ever to play this season.   Once they start to practice, they must be moved to active status within three weeks, or else they are stranded on the PUP list the rest of this season.

Once they go active, someone else has to leave the roster to make room for them; therefore, it is as if they are on the bench, but not actually taking up active roster spots while they heal up.

When good management knows they may need a spare wide receiver, they do not jump up and down screaming the sky is falling nor announce at a press conference, holy crap, we're in big trouble.   They quietly review who is available, who fits the chosen offensive scheme, and then do some extended G-2 on the candidates. 

There was a range of medical opinions about Rice's hip injury, and the proof is always in the pudding.  Once it appears Plan A did not work, you go to Plan B.   (If you have ever watched House on TV, you know it can get a lot crazier than that.)   

Javon Walker and Brett Favre do not need to get to know each other.   Whatever happened between them in the past, these are both mature guys who want to win.   Remember, Favre has had half his guts cut out, and Walker watched a teammate die in his arms following a drive by.   They know that the time period we know as "right now" is the one upon which one needs to focus.   

The screws in Javon's ankle have not fallen out.  Think of him as the Bionic Man.  The only thing you should take from his life in Oakland (which is not that far from where I write) is that Al Davis loves first round draft choices but has a few screws loose himself.  He throws stuff in the pot and wonders what happened.  Yeah, Daunte, that's the ticket!   Jamarcus Russell!   For sure!   Coaches punching coaches.  Okay, enough said.

Injuries are a fact of life in football.  Bernard Berrian is much healthier than he was last year, and anyone who watched the good parts of the NFCCG knows Favre can hit him and Berrian is like Timex.  (For those of you who have no idea who John Cameron Swayze was, Berrian can take a licking and keep on ticking.)

I've watched this preseason as certain Viking individuals make mistakes and various people audition for various roles with a variety of results so far, but that is the purpose of preseason.  A successful test is one in which you find out those things you wouldn't dare fiddle with once the W's started counting for real, until God wakes up up and tells you you forgot something.  You should determine where your issues really are in preseason, even if it looks ugly to do so in public.  Now is the time we see what might be done and fix any problems that pop up. 

This Saturday will give the first real glimpse of where we stand at a moment before that big party on Bourbon Street, Part 2.   

So fasten your seat belts and remain calm.   We'll be landing at DFW before you know it.

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