My 53 Man Roster

Yes yes I realize that we still have one more pre-season game to go and that will be a showcase of the bubble guys trying to find their spot and its possible that someone might make a final case for why he should make the team.  That being said, I believe that on some level, the coaches have already made 90 percent of the decisions and on a talent laden team, there really are only a couple of tough decisions.




1. Brett

2. Sage

3. Webb

Yes, This is more a dream of mine than what's likely to happen.  Against all odds, Tavaris keeps finding himself on this team even though in 4 years he has yet to show me that he 1. can read defenses and 2. make the throws.   I posted my theory on the seahawks game thread that Tavaris is basically childress' first serious girlfriend and we all know how we guys are when it came to that first serious girlfriend - it was a doomed relationship because she wasnt the one but we refused to believe it, we stayed too long, put up with her inability to make us happy for no real reason and in the end we realize that on some level we knew it by looking at other girls but just couldnt walk away at the right time. (read Brad Johnson, Gus Ferrotte and Sage Rosenfels)   So I'm really praying here that Brad realizes that if we are serious about being in a win now mode, he'll give up the T-jack experiment and go for the solid pocket passer who makes the reads and gets the ball out quickly for the two slot.  If he wants a developmental mobil QB, he's got webb for that now.



1. Some guy named All-Day or something.....

2. Gerhart

3. Reynaud


Gerhart has showed is green under gills this pre-season but if you want to draft a guy this high then hes on your roster and he sees the field.  In the 3rd preseason game he showed that what you have him for this year are those third and short situations or on 1st and 2nd down running situations.  If AP has truly developed, he's your feature guy and your 3rd down guy half the time.  Plus, I think Gerhart has decent hands and can provide you with passing outlets on all downs.  Past him, well.....Reynaud just keeps showing again and again why he needs to be on your team.  Quickness, shiftyness, punt and kick return ability plus the experience to come out and play WR and with 2 of our WR's having health issues I'd like to keep as many WR's on the roster as I can and this is an opportunity.  He's the total package and having a 3rd string RB who's the total package? man, thats something a coach has wet dreams about.  When you look at the group, what you have then is a feature, a pounder and a speeder.  That set up worked out pretty well for a Giants team a few years ago. 


1. Rice  (on Pup)

2. Berrian

3. Harvin

4. Camarillo

5. Walker

6. Jaymar

With Reynaud sitting on the third string RB spot we have more flexibility here and can live with only 6 recievers on the list even if we have one not playing for 6 weeks minimum and another who finds himself down because of a debilitating health issue.  What we'd have in an emergency would be a speedster, a possession veteran, another possession veteran and young explosive talent plus a RB who can slide into the 5th WR slot if necessary.  This means that Lewis, Payne and all the other rif-raf is out.  Lewis pretty much got his job stolen by Cam and payne is a great project for the practice squad.   This group though provides you with the best option combination given having your number one reciever out.  Lewis is just not possessy or explosivey enough to find a spot no matter how veteran he is.....sorry guy, it was a great catch but what have you done for me lately?  Oh yeah, drop multiple passes in the pre-season.



1. Mckinney, Loadholt, Sullivan, Herrera, Loadholt

2. Cooper, Degeare, Cook, Radovich

I dont need to go over this group.   The starters are the starters again and the back-ups are the back-ups for a reason and I doubt any of the developmental guys have shown enough to justify a 10th lineman when our D-line and Linebackers take up a lot of slots.



1.  Shank and his wank

3.  Garret Mills

4.  Jimmy K.

Yes, its really three guys...I'd thought I'd make some crack about how shanks got essentially two people stuffed into those pants but I'll leave that for the porn industry to discuss.   Garrett has show he can do it this pre-season and in two TE sets you've got flexibility between him and Jimmy for if you want to show run power or run/pass power.



1.    D'imperio


This is another me hoping that Brad sees what I see: that Tahi doesnt give you the athletic ability that D'imperio does.  Does Tahi catch that pass and break two tackles for a score? never.  Can D'imperio block? I think so. At least enough that he makes the team OVER tahi when you factor that Jimmy can play FB as well as TE and on a team that is in win now and loaded with talent I want to use every guy on my cramped 53 man roster in every way I can.  As a bonus, D'imperio is earning his money on special teams.....something Tahi isnt doing.  Di'mperio+JK basically gives me a roster with 3 TE's and 2 FB's with only 4 slots taken.




1. Shock and AWWE

2. Robison, Guion, Kennedy, Griffin, Evans

Here's another group that needs no explanation.  I dont like Griffen on this list but you cant just cut your 4th round draft pick on his first year without giving him a chance.  All those other guys show and show again why they are on this list.  It helps having arguably the best position coach in football.



1. Leber,  EJ, Greenway

2. Onatolu, Erin, Jasper, Farwell

I dont like having this many linebackers but two of them are special teams aces and you have to have them plus you do need depth at this position.  I would love if my LB's never got injured but it seems that they do and while you might think that a linebacker is a linebacker is a the pro-level there are huge difference between weak, middle and strong and you need someone to step into each role.



1. Antoine

2.  Cook

3.  Asher

4.  Lito

5.  Cedric when he returns

This is exactly why we traded Benny.  Where would he fit?  Nowhere.  So trade him for a reciever that we desperately need right now and what do you know....two birds - one stone.  If we could only trade Greg Lewis for a safety.....*eye roll*.

Anyway, Antoine is Antoine.  Cook really showed his potential and in a passing league you need lots of corners with potential.  The fact he's over six foot is great.  omg the fact he's over six foot is just great.  Asher has showed that he's come along now after a year under the belt and Lito rounds out the field with his veteran experience.....and declining skill.  Cedric gets yourself healed ASAP dude because I want to cut Lito like a bad steak being held by a mofo.



SS -  Madieu

FS - A trained monkey.....or i suppose Abdullah

backup - Tyrell


Dangit Tyrell....why is it that you have so much talent but accomplish nothing?  I know that our defensive scheme means that safety play is more safety valve than playmaker but come on.....what was your 40 time? jeezus man.  The fact that Abdullah is out there starting over you is just sad.......



1.  Longwell and Kluwe

2.  Cullen Loeffler


Rhys Lloyd sucks.  He sucks.  He sucks.   He sucks.  Oh, did I mention that he sucks?  When your job is to create kickoff touchbacks and you have how many in the pre-season? 1? Zero?  Yeah.  You're in - a - dome!  I'm not saying that just anybody could go out there and do it but its not like there's any shorter football fields in this country that were making you look good.  How the hell did anyone talk us into even wasting time on this guy?



Here's the guy that I see making the team based on nothing than childress logic.  Meaning, I dont know how the hell he makes it on the team over anyone else I've named above but he makes it and plays over someone i've mentioned above.

1.  Tahi

I still dont understand how this guy makes the team since AP runs better without him on the field.  However, he makes the team and he starts over D'imperio who ends up running down the field on ST all game and nothing else even though D'imperio catches the ball and gets MORE than two yards on the swing pass.....


Thoughts? Criticisms? Disagreements? Agreements?

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