To the fellow Vikings fans that actually have a clue,


Todays events have been far from entertaining. I actually received a text myself from a buddy. Saying, did I hear the news? I replied, dude , you are my boy, and I dont spend company with dumb people, are you really that foolish!

I asked, do you really beleive my beloved Mel Gibson, is really that crazy? I mean , he wrote and produced Passions. Anyways, all the hype and news coverage, has really made me realize something sad! Are we as viewers and consumers really this desperate for controversy? Is our "sports" society , really this hungry for Junk food? I used to watch BSPN for news and updates. Now, I seldom watch, unless its actual highlights of games i missed. When I do, I mute it, because 98% of it is absolute Junk. Adam SHefter, long winded idiot! He sounds like he is extracting his last breathe every sentence, really listen next time. It will begin to bother you so much you might have to mute yourself. I say this because most of his "inside" info, is udder Junk!

This fabricated . NON Favre story has all the pundints making fun of Brett, and challanging his Legacy. WHen its the media that has created the Majority of the "schizm" Sorry for venting, its just irritating, it is taking away from what this time of year is about........such as

the other 51 guys out there... Like

our New corner Cook, He has been lighting it up! Greenway, he has been "flying all around".  TJack, he has apparently grown up alot. I think we are an amazing team with or without Favre. Obviously, better with. But the majority of the people have been saying that Green Bay is really the team to Beat this year??????????

This has to be because they beat us 2x last year, and have improved their team so much this offseason, It will be so fun to start the season. I think our purple are posied to become a legit contender this year, and I for 1 am totally ampd up...............

WHo do you guys think will be the biggest surprise this year? We have a tough schedule, and i think a few people will step up huge. Any thoughts??????

ps. thanks for letting me vent!

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