Opening Night Roll Call

I bet you thought I had forgotten about the Roll Call, didn't you?  Well. . .that's kind of accurate, because I had up until just now.

For a Thursday night when people (presumably) had to be in to work the next morning, we still managed a shade over 2,800 comments from 103 different users. . .not NFC Championship Game good or anything, but I expect things will get better as the season progresses.

So, with that, here's the roll call from Opening Night.  Enjoy!

Roll Call: Eric J. Thompson, Jepp The Viking, ArizonaVikingsFan, Codypc21, Mel Allen, izziefans, IlinoisVike, Christopher Gates, muffin man, Curtis2012, SouthernNorseman, Skol Girl, Ted Glover, Loki The Viking God, Mr.Cub22, vikingfuture8816, vikingfromkuwait, JethroBoViking, PurpleJesus, dsludo, mississippisaintsfan, All Day, All Night, kenyo, jethrophet, vikingfanfrom afar, CanadianViking, DaRange, Odin, Skoaldybi, SeanInEauClaireWi, cwy2190, YanksVikes, Vikant, The 13th Warrior, jlahey, Premier Cherdenko, DCPurple, just another viking, Dave Choate, medicineball, DolfinPhan, chaosg, GopherPride, jmarter, UnBannedVikingholic, Ted Simmons Speed Camp, chaoswarriorxiii, Wytefang, speedlod, WarWolf, Idavikings, dthompson, TonyO, Viking in MT, AzVikeFan, jshep, Deek, Nord_Viking, mjmrad, Cody_3_twins, Jshore, Viking_Monson, vikefansd, papaspud, bf4mvp, fischean, Seracon, Frost, cdubs3201, Vreeland2, prockstar03, noblepete, Chris464, boyonthedock, prymetyme1, Hillstop, Galkuris, why am i in omaha, UGAVike, IABerserker1, Luft Krigare, PurpleValhalla, MinnesotaCatFan, ViKINGSoftheNORTH, nmvikesfan, Doryano, Chriswisser, Delta Dave, angryguy77, OrlandoVikesFan, StuffIT, loldotcom, blackjackfishtaco, MartianBri24, jcase0, Joseph William Stern, Northfan, Jabbadahut99, jianfu, tlsk1066, alcoholic_insight, urluckyday, AJG
Total Users: 103
Total Posts: 2826
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
muffin man 171
Frost 144
Skol Girl 125
YanksVikes 108
SeanInEauClaireWi 106
Christopher Gates 106
UnBannedVikingholic 98
Deek 97
Eric J. Thompson 96
Cody_3_twins 92
DCPurple 82
CanadianViking 81
ArizonaVikingsFan 77
chaosg 69
SouthernNorseman 58
Vikant 54
jlahey 54
jethrophet 53
Idavikings 51
IlinoisVike 50
speedlod 47
bf4mvp 42
vikefansd 40
prockstar03 39
Curtis2012 38
Viking in MT 37
Jshore 36
boyonthedock 35
Odin 35
vikingfromkuwait 34
Seracon 32
cwy2190 31
angryguy77 30
Chriswisser 28
WarWolf 27
AzVikeFan 26
dsludo 24
JethroBoViking 24
papaspud 24
Galkuris 23
OrlandoVikesFan 23
cdubs3201 22
Codypc21 21
Jepp The Viking 18
nmvikesfan 18
mjmrad 18
medicineball 18
dthompson 16
All Day, All Night 15
prymetyme1 15
vikingfanfrom afar 14
Chris464 14
DaRange 14
Mel Allen 11
Hillstop 11
Luft Krigare 10
IABerserker1 10
urluckyday 10
why am i in omaha 9
jshep 8
PurpleJesus 8
vikingfuture8816 7
Skoaldybi 6
Ted Glover 6
UGAVike 5
Premier Cherdenko 5
Nord_Viking 5
jmarter 4
Jabbadahut99 3
Wytefang 3
The 13th Warrior 3
kenyo 3
StuffIT 3
chaoswarriorxiii 3
fischean 3
loldotcom 3
Northfan 2
Loki The Viking God 2
Dave Choate 2
izziefans 2
Joseph William Stern 2
Viking_Monson 2
Vreeland2 2
TonyO 2
Ted Simmons Speed Camp 2
mississippisaintsfan 1
GopherPride 1
tlsk1066 1
alcoholic_insight 1
jcase0 1
jianfu 1
blackjackfishtaco 1
Doryano 1
just another viking 1
PurpleValhalla 1
Delta Dave 1
Mr.Cub22 1
MinnesotaCatFan 1
noblepete 1
DolfinPhan 1
MartianBri24 1

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