Veteran Players & Draft Picks we passed up. Shame on us.

There were many good players the Vikings could have picked up this year to get us to the super bowl.  I don't get why we didn't even make an offer to one of these guys ( well we did offer LT I guess).  I suppose its just the fact that our coaches are stupid and incompetent.

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T.JHoushmandzadeh-   He's terrific.  In a close game with a 3rd year deep threat quarterback Housh actually caught one pass for 27 yards.  Man I wish I had him.

Anthony Cromartie.  My god our secondary is so bad and here Cromartie was available.  The jet fans are screaming because Cromartie did exactly what he did with the Chargers.  He let scoring plays go by him and he made penalties that basically cost his team the win.   I sure would have liked him in our secondary against the Saints.

LaDamien Tomlinson:  Boy he looked quick.  His stat line looked OK with 11 carries and 62 yards.  Of course when Shon Greene was taken out of the game and LT was given the running game responsibility he could not get a third down. I'm sure it has nothing to do with his age or ability though.  He would have been the Godsen to the Vikings.

Kyle Wilson: Drafted immediately prior to the Vikings pick.  Another Cornerback that got beat all night. Had a holding penalty on a 3rd down and 38 that kept a Baltimore drive alive.

Mark Sanchez: Drafted #5 in 2009.  Yes the Vikes should have moved up and grabbed a franchise QB. I mean this guy threw for 60 whole  yards. He actually threw for 2 first downs.  And he isn't quarterbacking the Vikings?   I think he played better than Mat Cassell in KC. Why oh why can't our draft people ever get smart enough to properly evaluate a Franchise QB draft pick.  I mean it only would have cost us Percy Harvin, Chris Cook, and Toby Gerhart in picks or some veteran players. We are so stupid.

I'm sorry but I can't take this kind of stupidity anymore.  I say we just throw in the towel and start over. Its obvious that  taking other teams cast-offs or by drafting players that we do not evaluate as great fits for the Vikings, is the only way to succeed in the NFL.  At least it is obvious after just one week.








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