Fiftieth Anniverary patches/jerseys

I have a chance to get the 50th anniversary patches worn on the jerseys this year. I will not order unless I get enough interest. It has to be enought to make it worth it. They are the sze as on the jerseys. I bought some purple shorts and had them sewn on. I am also going to get a cheap purple cotton sport shirt and deck it out. The shorts I made looked cool. To think I paid 32.00 for Vikes shorts in Minny and did these for way less. I had the viking head patch and not sure if I can get those so lets concentrate on the anniversary orders for now.

They will run 7.00 a peice (includes shipping) 3 for 20.00. I also can still get jerseys. The last order was great (thanks to all) Sorry to Nick in England-we'll get that Harvin, I promise.

The pre-season deal is done but I am still offering a DN special for 45.00. My regular mail orders are 50 -60 bucks.

All vikings jerseys have the 50th patch sewn on. All jerseys are stiched numbers and name. Same jersey at a mall in Minny 150.00 and higher. One with screen number "on sale" for 89.00.

These are super nice jersey's for a price 10 bucks higher than a cheap Wally World iron on replica.

If interested in the patches or jersey's wirite me at I really want to get a big order this time. So where the colors. You will look like a big spender at the game , party or sports pub.

PS-If you want a deal for Christmas or birthday presents buy 3 jerseys and it will be 120 for the 3. I do not take returns on sizes. Some youth available but I am not sure what players or can't see your child so you may want to check out at a store to see how your kid fits. I usually suggest with a middle schooler to go ahead and get mens medium. N if anyone wants that)o womens sizes. There are some of the female pink versions. Send me your player preference, purple or white ( there are some of those black styles

Wash gentle and warm. Hang dry and they will look good for a long time. I have a 3 year old AD and it still looks great. The kids do grow. I know RebelGreys little girl who is 5 just loves wearing her big Vikings jersey.

Hey drop a line on patches or jersey's Season is just starting. met another out of State Vikes fan going up fo rthe Miami game. Saw my Gerhart and are ordering a couple on return from ol Minny I wil direct you to paypal or a personal check will be accepted. I do have to add 1.00 on pay pal to cover with drawl fees. I try to keep shipping free and prices low but can't suck up too much.


Blessings and Skol

My small profits have gone to volunteer work aftr suffering a disability. I am now facing a medical proceure where I have a problem stemming from my skin grafts. Any profits go to a good cause.thanks  

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