Speaking Of Football...

well, i really don't have a lot to say in the wake of.....

"Gonzo-Gate" (you know, that thing that is taking up half of the internet).
"BUOF" (you know, the "back-up qb of the future" debate).
"Who-Dat-Spat" (you know, the invasion of the sore whiners winners).

it is issues like these that make me want to start a campaign to change the
name of the daily norseman (aka 'dn') to 'ESDN'...(as an homage to 'espn').

so, i would like to spew out some random thoughts and observations with
the intent of generating discussion of a similar nature and of similar topic.
please, just anything but the current prevailing 'gar-bajj'.

soooo, SPEAKING OF goes :



i mean 'what the fudge'. what is up with all this injury stuff. is it now more
fashionable than drinking the purple drank? what am i refering to, you ask?
one injury usurps the other. i can't savor the fall out from one injury, before
another injury pops's like 'whack a mole'. i need some perspective.

first, bwett flavor and his widdo ankle boo-boo. we all know the e-spin drama.
well, he skipped mini-camp, ota's, mankato. he waffled, texted, got people to
beg and plead....he got an extra $7 million, just because. and now he has
been training "so hard" for the last week. the dude looks old to me.

next, it's sidney rice and his 'contract issues' mean his 'hip injury'.
you remember that, don't you? first we heard was when his agent issued
a statement in july. then the details of the story got more and more weird
by the day. apparently injured in the nfccg, got an mri right after...then didn't
tell the vikes until may, when he skipped mini-camp, blah, blah, blah, blah.
well now he is PUP'ed, he had some kind of surgery (details, nah). next!

lost in this was john sullivan's mysterious calf injury. you know "sully",
the "savior of the offensive line". sure, "when sully gets back, all will be
good on the western front". well, he has hardly practiced since day 2 of
the mankato camp. he is listed as questionable for the home opener.
even if he is healthy by then, he hasn't been able to practice or to really
condition himself....well, you get the picture....hererra at c, degeare at rg.
(never mind those solid back-ups...ryan cook and 'whatz his face' cooper).

next was percy harvin's two week absense from mankato camp for a
death in the family and subsequent grief period and migraine headache.

then, there is the loss of jaymar johnson. IR'ed for the year with a thumb
injury after the first pre-season game. he looked really good. that was a
loss then, but it takes on more importance now...after MORE injuries.

next was rice's eventual vaguely explained surgery as mentioned before.

e.j. henderson looks like he's making a push for an early comeback.
we'll see how he holds up. thankfully jasper brinkley isn't hurt yet.

anyone see cedric griffen anywhere? he PUP'ed too?

then percy harvin and his ambulance ride, complete with "copter cam"
following him down the highway in his "white ford bronco" ala o-jay.

then, "hi, my name is mike camarillo...and my name is javon walker".
"welcome guys, here's a purple jersey...we got a game tonite, ready?"

then, our bright spot, chris cook goes knee surgery...hey where's benny sapp?

and, i hate to be the one to say it, but what about bert? can he stay healthy?

what a head-spin, and that isn't even talking about what we have seen on the field.



well, what are we really looking at going into one week from "the showdown"?
i mean, that saints team seems to have it's ducks in a row, their shit gathered
and seem ready to rumble. we seem like a team with some instability and
some uncertainty. yea, and we play on their turf....the saints have homefield.

the o-line is the same as last year, except for the fact that we are short a
starter, and will play a 5th round rookie in front of our "veteren back ups".
that's okay, cuz if they get spanked, then it makes last year's effort look good.

our qb is now throwing to new guys and he looks more than a year older.
our o-line has demonstrated that they still can't open holes very well, and
have a tendancy to let the bad guys into the backfield rather frequently.

can they somhow just all show up for work on 09-09-2010 and have it
magically click into gear? me, i'm skeptical...the homers say "it'll be fine".

i love our d-line. we have too many d-lineman, who is going to get cut?
and why didn't we draft a big ass safety? i dunno, i'll just "trust the FO".

our d-backs are still a question mark to me. i mean we have "depth", but
what is the overall quality of play? i actually like the asher allen, chris cook
presence. they seem to bring some good effort. winfield got beat by that
big williams guy from seattle a few times. he is not invincible by any means.
a good qb will be able to pick on this group.

i can't say much about the running backs, cuz i haven't seen many holes
for them to run in, and the blitz pick up is hard to see when 8 guys are
bull rushing mr. barve and landing him on his arse...(note sarcasm).

okay, please don't tell me we are going to keep that rhys lloyd guy, please?

i think the d-line needs to break some bones, dammit.
and the linebackers need to play crazed and hard nosed.
the d-backs need to step up and clamp down, somehow.
defense is going to be our best friend on this squad.

i think the play calling needs to account for our offensive deficiencies.
we have a weak o-line, brett is old and prone to gunslinger mistakes.
our running backs need space to run. i like misdirection and delays.
our receiver corps is ever-rotating and an mix-and-match group.
i think we need short quick strikes, screens, outs, and slants, with a
lot of play action...with the occasional deep routes to stretch the d.
i think we need to POUND THE ROCK to eat the clock.
let's just keep brett alive.

i think we are in for a tough year, it is not going to be the fairy tale
that was known as LAST YEAR. that is ova.
in summary, we got some issues.

okay, that is all. you can rip me up now.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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