2010 Predictions

Ok, time for the peanut galleries to speak!

So, as I watched the final preseason game against the Donkeys Broncos, it became apparent that the WR situation, as much as I've been harping this week, is no where near as bad as some have been freaking out over. Walker looked much sharper and back to old form tonight then last week. As for Camarillo, I really didn't see. Pardon my ignorance as I was flipping between the Vikings, Gophers and keeping track of the Twins on EPSN GameCast. The running game looked pretty good. The O-line seemed more stable this game then the rest of preseason. With the exceptions of a few big plays, the defense looked solid and deep. Figuring it was 2nd and 3rd string the whole night. With that, I would think the only names cut from all the squads so far would be names most of us would see coming. I don't see too many "whoa's" coming in the pink slip department.

That leaves the QB situation. We all know who will start. What about 2nd? Neither T.J. nor Sage looked all that great tonight. Sage get's a slight, and I mean ever so slight edge over T.J. tonight. So slight, that you can't slip a hair through it. Though I would have to say, from a logical stand point, Sage would win due to a slightly better performance through out the preseason. However, as Skol Girl has pointed out, that is not likely. I would see T.J. being number 2 (Cue the Piccard) and Sage being cut or traded. However, in either case, I dont think it will matter who stays or goes. Webb clearly has made a case of being number 3 at the least.

The kid out played not only Sage and T.J. tonight, but made Tebow look like an undrafted rookie and outplayed all of the Donkeys Broncos QB's as well. As of now, I can see this kid becoming our QB in a few seasons. He did make a few mistakes, yes. But seemed much more comfortable in the pocket then Sage or T.J. and thought well on his feet. He did make a few running plays when there was no pass available or when the pocket was collapsing. So at this point, I would say that Favre is the man, T.J./Sage and then Webb 3rd.

With that being said, now to my 2010 NFC Norse/Black and Blue predictions.......

1. Packers....I know, I hate to say this as well, but I'm going with gut feeling, and more will be explained later in our prediction. But their O-line has been stabilized, Capers is an Defensive genius, and more stable at QB right now.

2. Vikings....While Favre's heart is in it, I don't think his body is this time. I know I will catch flack, but I'm not sure his body will make it the entire season. He took a beating in the NFC Championship game and the preseason game against the Seahawks. I think age IS finally catching up too him. This will leave the survivor of the T.J./Sage showdown as the leader about halfway through the season. That leaves Webb as our 2nd string and us looking for a 3rd string, unless we do keep 4 QB's. It also lead's to a return of Peterson's lofty numbers as the offensive load will be carried by him.

3. Bears....No matter how one person over there in Windy City deems us as "insignificant", he/they will realize how insignificant Cutler and company truly are. I don't see anything all that much better from Cutler as last year. Yeah, not a Cutler disciple as you can tell. Not much to worry about in their WR corp's either. About all they have is a running game and the D is aging faster then Keith Richards on an all night bender.

4. Cubbies Lions.....Ok ok, the Millen, like the McHale, era is over. Unlike the T-Wolves, there are very positive things coming out of the Lions camp. They've actually had two GOOD drafts now, imagine that. Improvement will abound, but still the same Ole story for the Lions den this year. But the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.

2010 NFC North Standings:

Packers 12 - 4

Vikings 10 - 6 Wildcard

Bears 8 - 8

Lions 7 - 9

There you go. What's your predictions? And yes, I'm grabbing my flak jacket!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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