The Blame Game

When things go wrong in someone's life they usually look for someone to blame.  Poor decisions are often compounded when people start looking to blame others instead of concentrating on solving the problems. I am dissapointed in my football team so far this season.  Why?  Because if Camarillo catches a pass that was missed by an inch we had a chance to win the New Orleans game. If my star running back had followed his blocker on a 4th and 1 we might have won the Miami game. If-  If-  If.   I am disappointed because we lost. I am not blaming anyone for those losses.  Its a self destructive way to solve any issues that exist.

Read on if your interested.

First let me say this.  Not all well laid plans are successful. Not every great sales presentation nets a sale. Not every great football team wins the big one.  Nothing demonstrates  this more than the 2009 Minnesota Vikings football team.

The management brought in an aging, but healthy QB, added a great defense, and had a team that was healthy all year. A well laid plan. That team was one play from going to the Super Bowl.  Not bad. In fact Great Job.

This year they made a decision.  Bring back the aging, but not as healthy, QB to lead the same team that has been damaged by injuries. Still a good defense, but not the same.  Still a good offense but not quite the same. Hopefully, the experience of our QB will allow for our team to get through the injury bug and win enough games to keep us in the race until the team is back together. Considering we could be 2-0 or 1-1 right now its easy to criticize the plan and blame someone.

So, who do you blame. Perhaps its the management and coaching team for bringing back the aging QB. This is a good place to start.  After all we have a 4 year veteran that knows the offense, is quick afoot, has a strong arm, and is a proven winner that could have led this team.  What?  You don't think Tarvaris Jackson is a high caliber quarterback that can do as well as an experienced hall of fame QB?  Hmm.  I guess the guys that get paid to analyze and evaluate these players every day in practice didn't think so either.  Remember, T-Jack was in training camp. He had another opportunity to show his skills.  If he were ready to step forward and do the job do you really think the boss would have dug down to pay 16 Million to an injured aging star?  Look. The QB position is the most important position on the field. If you don't believe it listen to this. Adrien Peterson ran roughshod over the Dolphins for 150 yards.  But that is not enough to win a ball game.  A team needs an effective QB to win ball games.  Period.  It just so happens that our QB has not been effective in the last 2 games.  You can point fingers at all the players you want but the fact remains that our QB was not effective. 

I think the plan was well laid out. I believe Brett Farve was our best option to start the season. I am convinced that if he continues to start its because he is the best option to win in the future.  But the best laid plans do not always work out.


Maybe you blame the offensive coordinator. The guy that even blamed himself ( as well as being blamed by 1 Million fans) for not calling more run plays against New Orleans.  Now he is being blamed for not calling the correct run play with 4th and 1 against the Dolphins. I think every coach in every Pro league, college, high school, and Pop Warner level football will tell you this.  IF You can't make one yard when you absolutely need it , then you don't deserve to win the game.  Yep, its really that simple. We failed when we needed to perform. Our QB got us in position to win the second game.  Say what you will but that is true. We simply did not make one yard when we needed it.  Now I can make a great case that putting T-Jack or Webb in there on that play gives us more options. I can make a case for having AP line up in a wildcat formation on that play. But my making the case does not mean the play would have been successful. In all truthfulness you would have let AP run that ball.  He crossed the goal line 18 times last year.  He is good at it.   But the fact remains that we didn't make one yartd when we needed it. And I'm not blaming the offensive coordinator for that.  Its a team blame.  The O-Line, the RB, QB, TEs and the fullback. Everybody has to work in sync.  We win together .  We lose together.


Maybe you blame the defense?  What?  They were outstanding you say. Really?  The first pass of the day went for 50 yards against a beat CB and an out of position safety. That TD cost us the game? You don't want to blame them?  I understand.  I was proud of their effort.  They are missing some valuable pieces to the defensive puzzle.

But they made mistakes. They had no interceptions. No ferocious hits that caused turnovers. Defensively we had another well laid plan. We simply didn't win the game.

How about blaming the coach.  Its his job to motivate the players to play hard, without penalties, and to execute each and every play. Its his job to get players ready when they have to fill in for injured players.  Its his job to teach the team how to make a one yard run when the Game is on the line. Sounds like the right guy to blame to me.  Now, in his defense, the team did not quit trying no matter what obstacles came in their way. They did manage to place themselves in a position to win the game. Just like Bill Belichic did against the Colts last year. He went for fourth and 1 and failed.  Bill got blamed but it was a good plan.  He simply failed to win the game also.


In my family we play the Blame Game. A person who makes a mistake, and realizes it, has to make up a reason it "wasn't his fault" and blame it on another person.  This simple act really makes one take responsibility for their actions.  right now everyone on the team needs to take the responsibility of these losses.  Play with a little more desire.  Study film a little longer.  Work out harder.  Practice team plays like each one will count.  Do this and no one has to or needs to blame anyone.  Keep at it Vikings.  You have a well laid out plan.  Now go win a game.

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