What about the "Intangibles"

I believe the thing that makes a team win a SB is more than the sum of the talent on a team.  There is a quality of intangibles that all SB winning teams have, and that has gotten me thinking.

I have been thinking since Monday Am about the character of this team and I cannot come to a conclusion on its character.  Let me explain what I am talking about. 

When Ziggy came in he cleaned house just like he said he would. Gone were the "trouble makers" and in comes a new coach and a ton of new talent.  The Love boat stuff quickly disappeared and a new era of high quality players with good character is what Ziggy wanted and I believe that is what he went after.  Now I am not saying that we have a bunch of thugs playing for us nor am I saying that we have any guys that are of questionable character, just that I haven't heard anything of late about the character of our players.  Has Ziggy sold his sole to the devil for a SB and left character issues to fend for themselves or is it just something that is at the core of Ziggy's team and it doesn't need to be talked about.  IE: one of the first questions asked about a potential player is what kind of guy is he?

If in fact the character of the player is a major consideration when drafting or signing that individual then the quality of this team should easily come to the surface and they will gel, pull together and start a run that we will all be proud of.  But if they cannot get it together then maybe Ziggy did sell out and just buy talent and not character.

I have not been able to draw a conclusion yet.  I think the true character of a man is shown when he faces adversity,  this team is now facing adversity so my guess is that we will soon know.

What say you?

Here is a quote from Ziggy shortly after buying the team it is copied in part from the Bleacher Report

The Zygi Wilf Effect: How NFL Owners Truly Impact Team Success By Nathan Kelly (Member) on July 8, 2010

Zygi Wilf then went ahead and bought the team for $600,000,000. As a businessman that has known nothing but success, he went on to say, “All I can do is promise you that as the new owner, that a new start begins now in terms of discipline….the commissioner emphasized to me that I inherited an organization that was inadequately structured and staffed, ... and that we must correct that to ensure the highest standards of team operations, including (again) discipline, accountability, strong oversight and internal communications…. this code of conduct will establish a new set of rules. It will allow our franchise to operate in the same fashion as my family business, one of high standards, high morals, and success.”

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