How to Calm Yourself Before Game?

A lot of us Vikings are anxious today. We are worried about injury and lack of depth. Almost all of us are worried to death about Favre facing the dirty dozen (11 + Williams) with no significant upgrades to the OL. We are worried about Chilly not doing enough. We are worried about feeling lonely and helpless as we felt last time when they were hitting Favre. We are not wrong to have these concerns. Nobody has any answers (including me). The only thing we have is hope. Hope and Faith.

Please allow me to tell you how I am calming myself today and tomorrow before the lightning strikes the Superdome. 

Offensive Line: I cannot imagine that our coaches and players are not aware of what perception our OL gave to rest of the world on that fateful night. Imagine the trio going down to Mississippi and asking Favre to come back. Deanna would have taken their head off if they had not assured her that Favre will be protected. I can imagine her screaming at them," You mofo's let those dirty bastards break my husband's bones and now you have the nerve to come down here." I am sure Zygi, Childress and the players have assured them that it will not happen again. 

Favre: I am worried about Favre. How will he hold up against Saints again. I remind myself, the man has played 19 years. This cannot be the first time he is being targeted. Greg W. is not smarter than rest of NFL. He surely isn't the first one to think of attacking Favre to win the game. Let's have faith in Favre that he knows what he is doing. Remember, he knew he was going to test his ankle in the first game against Saints before he said yes to coming back. If he was doubtful about his ankle, he would have stayed home. Let's give him some credit and have faith in him.

Childress: My biggest concern is Childress. Last year when Mark Sanchez  was hit illegally, Rex Ryan blew his top off with the referees. When Favre got hit 16 times, I don't remember Chilly doing anything. Maybe I had closed my eyes because of the painful scenes on my TV screen. Pl let me know if I missed something but to me it seemed like Chilly was not much concerned about his QB. But I have faith in Zygi. I hope he asked Chilly the same thing I am asking you guys. Zygi bent over backwards for Favre beause he knows he is not getting his stadium without Favre and Vikings doing well this season. Let us hope Zygi will have Chilly's nuts for breakfast if Chilly doesn't pull it together.

Defense: Why did they not hit Brees? I don't know. Is Saint's OL that good? I think not. Is our defense too soft? Maybe because Chilly is a trickles down. Then I remember Jared Allen hit on Matt Schaub's knee and it gives me hope. I hope our defense brings it on this time. I have maintained through all my posts on DN that nothing short of Brees' knees will bring me only if Defense cared about my satisfaction. I wrote on another post here on DN: Gandhi said if someone slaps you, give him another cheek and he will stop hitting you. Gandhi did not know NFL. I hope our D is not listening to Gandhi.

Players: Players on both side of the ball have been openly saying that Favre will not be hit again like last time. AP says his helmet hits are coming between Favre and anyone who tries to go near him. Jared says that Saints are not going to get to Favre again and he is on defense. Shiancoe got in a Twitter fight with trash-mouth Sharper by telling him to mind his own injuries. I am hopeful our players stand up for their leader this time.

Goodell: I hope Goodell realizes that Favre is the most watched player in NFL. For millions, NFL will not be the same next year. Goodell needs Favre for the monster numbers in viewership and followers. Can you imagine what the numbers would have been if Favre had met Manning in SB last season?

Overall, this hope and faith is all we have before the game to save us from panic attacks. This faith in Favre, his team and Zygi whipping Chilly's ass. This hope and faith and our fellow Norsemen.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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