Getting to know your fellow DNers, a proposal


Now that this nightmarish* season is mercifully behind us, and with really nothing to do except wait and see what the front office will do regarding off-season signings and waiting for the draft, I hereby make the following proposal.

A while back it was suggested by someone here (sorry, I forget who) to have a sort of DN party somewhere in Minneapolis area to allow DN'ers to actually meet each other..

While this is a great idea, imo,  it may really only be feasible for the local I suggest that instead of (or in addition to) that...

For a limited time (one week, two, maybe the entire off-season?), let's all make a small attempt to allow other DN faithful to get to know us just a bit better by doing two small things:


1) Change your avatar to an actual head shot (unless it already is), so we can put a face to a name, not unlike when Kiss first "unmasked"**, and

2) After doing so, post a comment here w/ a small tidbit about yourself (could be a *very-short* bio, or any other personal tidbit, humorous or otherwise, but nothing about your vikes fandom, per we pretty much have been-there-done-that). If your profile is already a bio of sorts, you can just say refer to that, or post some other personal tidbit***


I think the Four (Daily)Norsemen**** should get things going, to kinda give it an official feel...


So whaddy'all think?


* After recently watching the movie Inception, I am now firmly hanging on to the hope that if I spin my "top" it will somehow in fact keep spinning (if you haven't yet seen this, first of all, go rent it immediately, awesome flick, though a bit tricky to follow at times. Second, the way the main character, whose business it was to infiltrate others' dreams, would tell if he were actually in a dream or in reality, is he would spin a special top, that would keep spinning if in a dream, but eventually topple if in reality) 





*** Did I just use "tidbit" three times in a single paragraph?? That may be unforgiveable..Good thing I rarely post!

****Apologies, Skol Girl, but "Three (Daily) Nosemen and a (Daily)NorseWoman" or "Four (Daily)Norsepeople" just didn't have the same catchy ring to it ;)

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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