Intervention: McNabb



McNabb: Hey, you're pretty good.  You like, throw good.  I wish I could do that

Rivers: That's because I'm a quarterback.

Chris had a main page post about McNabb being sick of the "mechanics" questions he's faced.  I completely agree with him.  This is not a McNabb problem.  He's sick.  He needs help.  He needs our help.  He needs us now more than ever.  By us standing idly by and watching this madness continue, we're not helping, we're enabling.  It's time to stop the maddening cycle in this week's Web Intervention.  McNabb, are you ready to start the healing?

This is nothing new for the Minnesota faithful.  We've seen more recycling than your local can recycling center(please recycle, it's important, but not your QBs).  The rules of the intervention are simple.  Let McNabb know what he is doing to himself, the team and most importantly, to us, the fans. 

McNabb, you are hurting the ones you love don't know hate.  That's not acceptable behavior.  We've tried everything.  We have all sorts of weapons around you, but you are sick and can't throw a ball further than 5 yards.  Pretty soon, you're going to destroy everything that we love.  Our team is literally breaking our backs trying to twist and turn around and bend over to catch your lame ducks.  If you don't stop now, someone will seriously get hurt.  We want you to get help and start the process of healing.  That way we can start healing as well.  Seriously, we're gouging our eyes out trying not to watch this trainwreck.  Will you start the healing?  Please, you have to promise here and now that you'll get help.  If you don't get help, we will continue to boo every second you get the ball.  We will boo and we will scream for Christian Ponder.  We will ignore you.  We will forget quickly.  You will be invisible to this franchise.  Anyone that's ever had your back will betray you.  We won't call.  We won't text.  We will no longer support your nabit.  Any love that you've ever received will be rescinded.  Will you seek help?  You must make a promise.  You must promise that you will comply and follow through with this promise right now and never look back.  You must go to rehabtirement.

Best of luck.

Vikings faithful, Sound off.  Let's go around the room.  Everyone gets a chance to speak to Donovan and please, help him.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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