Frazier's (Incredibly Short) Quest To Name A Starter

Leslie Frazier, talking to Ponder and McNabb alone on the practice field sideline: "Alright Ponder, McNabb, we all know what happened Sunday and why I benched you for Ponder, but let's forget about all that for now and just go back to some old fashoned practices and see what happens."

Ponder: "Alright coach!"

McNabb chuckles and walks onto the field.

Frazier, yelling from the sidelines while looking at a notepad: "Alright, we'll start out with some short, easy slants and move our way up to some back shoulder sideline passes. McNabb, you're up!!"

Ponder and McNabb do some quick practice snaps with their centers and then line up on both hashes. McNabb takes the snap and runs around for five seconds before throwing the ball up and falling to the turf. He picks up his head to see if the pass was complete and sees a cheerleader holding an icepack to her ankle on the sidelines. Still smiling, he walks back to Frazier.

Frazier: "What the hell was that? It's just you, a center and a reciever out there!! I just want you to drop back and hit the reciever in stride. Okay?"

McNabb: "I just felt like I needed to make a play when a play needed to be made you know?"

Frazier: "What the hell are you talking about? You know what... nevermind.... Ponder you're up."

Ponder takes the snap, drops back and easily hits the reciever in stride. He hustles back to Frazier on the sideline. "Was that good coach? How was my dropback? And did I throw the ball too early or too late?"

Frazier: "No, fine job out there Ponder. Let's move on and work on some deep routes now. Ponder, you go first this time."

Ponder: "Alright coach!!" He jogs back onto the field and takes the snap from the center. Ponder drops back and throws a 20 yard dart to the reciever's numbers.

Frazier: "Nice pass!!"

Ponder: "Thanks coach, I think I should have put it a little higher on his numbers though"

Fraiser, whispering: "At least you can put it on his numbers." Ponder and Fraiser laugh quietly while McNabb walks back over from the bench where he was telling jokes and acting uninterested in practicing at all.

McNabb: "What's so funny? New joke I haven't heard yet?"

Fraizer: "Uhh nothing... It's your turn McNabb."

McNabb: sighs "Alright..." He walks to the center and takes the snap. McNabb aagin runs around for a while before turning and floating the ball out to his left, like a screen pass. With no reciever in sight, the ball drops harmlessly to the turf and all the cheerleaders can breath easy again. McNabb stands for a second before walking back off the field.

Fraizer: "What the hell are you doing out there? I wanted you to throw it to Jenkins running the crossing pattern, not float it short to a imaginary defender..."

McNabb: "I just felt like I needed to make a play when a play needed to be made you know? I expected someone to make a play on it, but a play wasn't made when it needed to be."

Frazier, dumbstruck, reaches for his neck and blows his whistle. "Shower up!!"

The players jog off the field. Fraizer digs his phone from his pocket and dials Rick Spielman's number. "Hey Rick, it's Ponder time.

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