Miller Lite ULTIMATE Vikings Fan Contest voting

My Fellow Norseman,

In case you are not planning on entering the Ultimate Vikings fan contest, would you consider voting for me?

I really am pretty cool (don't listen to those rumors from Ted) OH and THANKS YOU ROCK!!!

Link to contest:

This is the section where I toot my own Helga horn....




Why I am a Vikings SuperFan…

I was the original person to coin the phrase "Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse" (The day we acquired Jared Allen).

I have a room in my house called the "Vikings Room" dedicated to the purple and gold.

I have interviewed the real Ragnar. (b.t.w. he loves auctions)

I have attended a wedding dressed in full Nordic Vikings garb including a dead coyote on my head.

I have met Mr. Mark Wilf.

A 6 foot tall chainsaw carved Viking warrior lives in my home.

I have a backup blowing horn.

I have physically touched the field turf at Mall of America Field.

My horned helmet was custom made.

Fran Tarkenton has posted to my Facebook page.

When I lived the cities, my neighbor was Vikings punt returner Rufus Bess (our daughters played together)

My ice fishing shanty is named "Valhalla" .

I have built my own Viking Shield from scratch. (goes great with my sword)

I have stayed the weekend at the Nordic Inn Bed N Brew. Twice.

My favorite footwear is my purple Vikings Crocs.

I have skipped work to visit the Vikings Training camp in Mankato.


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... I voted for The Daily Norseman (the greatest Vikings Site on the interwebs) in that Blog contest no less than a dozen times (not that I voted more often than any one of you... but I thought i would throw it in there. ;-)


PS... if you can think of a way this post could be any more self-serving to me... please post in the section below ...  THAT outta be a hoot.

Link to the vote page:

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