Ponder's stats compared to Webb's

I will confess that at the end of Sunday's game against the Packers I was actually pleased with the result.  We had a chance to see Christian Ponder do his thing with a full week's practice, and he did okay.  We also had a chance to see Joe Berger at work in front of Ponder, and he held up well and was a big reason that Adrian Peterson ended up having a lot of big yardage gains.  One surprise to me however was reading that stat line on Ponder.  The big numbers that jumped out at me were 13 for 32.  Somehow Ponder seemed to have a better game than that to me. 

My second confession in this post is that I like Joe Webb, because I liked what I saw out of him last season and during this year's preseason.  I'm happy to say that I like Christian Ponder too.  I'm willing to give him some slack on his low completion rate and 2 interceptions last game, because he's learning.  And in fact, I think this season will be up and down, because he'll essentially be learning all season long.  At 1-6, who cares?  This is a great time for Ponder to be learning.  One little thing that keeps nagging at me though is that while Ponder is generally getting the support of Vikings fans, Joe Webb never really received anything close to that level of support.  His numbers were in many respects better than Ponders, and he played without the benefit of having backup QB reps during the season.  Further, he also played with a team that had critical injuries at critical positions and freakish off field dramas such as the game delay in Philly (until Tuesday) followed by a final game in Detroit on three days of practice. 

I'm just curious why Joe Webb is considered QB chaff while Christian Ponder is said to be QBotF.  It would seem that at this point they are similar (i.e. both young QBs with promise who need experience and seasoning). 


                  COMP    ATT    YDS    CMP%    AVG    LNG    Pass TD  Run TD   INT   QB Rating

Chicago       15        26       129     57.7      4.96     18           0              1             2         38.8      (note:  entered as 3rd QB)

Philly             17        26       195    65.4       7.5       46           0              1             0         87.8

Detroit           20        32      145    62.5       4.53     20           0              0             1          60.0



                   COMP    ATT    YDS    CMP%   AVG   LNG   Pass TD   Run TD   INT   QB Rating

Chicago        9          17       99       52.9       5.82   23        0                0              0       70.5    (note:  entered as 2nd QB)

Green Bay     13       32      219      40.6      6.84    72        2               0               2       59.2


I recall that a familiar refrain about Webb is that he was too quick to run.  However, when we talk about Ponder we talk about the delight we have in his mobility.  It's true.  Ponder is very mobile and that's a good thing!  Why isn't that also the case with Joe Webb?  Cam Newton is doing shockingly well this season in part because he can both run and pass (like Webb and to a lesser extent Ponder).  Ponder has a good onfield demeanor.  He looked a bit freaked out in my opinion during his first three preseason games, but he came around.  Webb has very good poise as well. 

I'd still like to see both Ponder and Webb get their minutes this season.  I know that Joe won't get that chance unless Ponder gets injured, and we obviously don't want that to happen.  But still, I haven't see any evidence to date that Ponder is better than Webb.  I've seen some indications that the opposite might be true.  No doubt Ponder will get better (and hopefully much better), but I'd think the same is true for Webb (and any other young QB in the league). 

I think Ponder will be just fine this season, and I am excited to see him play a lot.  However, I'm scratching my head about all the adoration Ponder's performances has created whereas Webb received a healthy dose of skepticism and criticism.  At this stage, Ponder is no better than Webb (and is arguably not as good as Webb was).  Why the difference? 

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