My 2011 Analysis (thus far)

Some of you may recognize my username, some may not. I was a heavy poster back in 2009. We all remember 2009, right? That year we did really awesome and went to the NFC championship to lose out on a tough game that was within reach, but I don't want to open up any old wounds explaining that game in further detail. 2010 - I was more into yahoo fantasy football than posting on DN. I still managed to lurk though to get feedback. And here we are in 2011, not exactly where we had hoped to be.

Who would of thought that in 2011, we would be ending week 4 at 0-4 at the bottom of the division while GB & Detroit lead the division at 4-0. Well, it wasn't exactly far-fetched of a possibility, but nothing we wanted to see. Detroit has stepped up and become a threat (no doubt about that). Green Bay is the defending champions, so we know they're not going to lose too much ground other than all teams will bring their A-game against them. But the season is still early and no one is really out of the running as of "yet."

I try to take a big-picture view at things when I look at them. It is easier for me to do this year as I have not been paying as close attention as compared to 2009. My concern(s) this year were our receiving core prior to the start and our ability to establish a passing game. When we lost S. Rice, I became concerned we would not find a suitable replacement. Soley relying on B.B. is not exactly going to prove as much of a threat to other teams as we would like. His stats do show that he has had a poor season so far. But, my dislike for B.B. has started since 2009.

B.B. - The only game I think I saw that he excelled really well in was the last game(s) of 09-10 season. I think he had some pretty clutch plays in the NFCCG. Soley going off of memory, he was impressing me. Maybe being that close to the big one inspires you to increase your effort over talent. But, early 2009, he seemed to have hamstring issues. I know that they're hard to recover from, but it limited his ability to get open. I vew him as an overpaid speed player with banana hands. Early 2009 I recall many missed passes that many would argue reasonably catchable. I recall some have argued he must have some dirt on someone as he remains on the team.

Ironically, when he recently commits an act that creates more hatred towards him for his ways, I actually learn to respect him a little bit more. We all should put ourselves in his shoes at that given time. Your likely frustrated that your not having a great season as you would like personally as your stats are lacking. Your team is frustrated as you currently sit 0-4 with higher expectations. Than, you find that someone leaves a rather bashing comment on the Twitter world, you feel the need to fire back. Defend yourself while proving to others your putting forth the effort.

Let's break this down a little bit:

@ anytime u wanna watch the film with me. Not just one game but all of them

In this particular response, he clearly is stating. I work my butt off, and I don't need some public figure criticizing my work. It is not an easy job as you need to maintain a certain athletic level with more importantly a mental level. Every player probably spends a lot of time watching film to look to prepare themselves. Good old B.F. spent countless hours preparing for each game.

@ and if not sit down n shut up!!

More continuance of his claim of his hard work ethic. So he references something that "John" technically is incapable of doing. But, B.B. is arguing a point and at this point realizing his mistake, any apology would show weakness. John iniated the attack, "so to speak", so B.B. is likely not going to back pedal on a statement because he was unaware of Johns situation. I would feel entirely differently if he DID know or re-worded it differently as he knew yet still somewhat cruel.

--shouldn't have opened his mouth. Especially bout something he knows nothing about. How classy is that of him?? and for future reference both my parents and my older bro served in the military.

This proves that B.B. is willing to defend himself. I'm sure if B.B. would of done it over again, it may re-think some words or bring more class of him.. But this is simply a "He started it, and I'm going to not act like a wimp and hide.." I did find it pointless to add about family in the military... All that means is he is a little in-touch with how things work in that world, but doesn't give him the real world experience. (This is all my personal opinion)

My take from that.. Is he is concerned about his individual performance and team performance. His effort level may increase as he has more to prove. Hopefully this concept goes for the whole team and week #5 brings us some great plays. I hope I don't walk away fromt his as more of a wishful thinking statement.

I missed week #1 due to a fishing trip. Even though they lost, I was glad to see that it wasn't a blow-out. Kept me hopeful.

Week #2, only managed to see the 2nd 1/2. It felt like the team was trying to protect their lead while the Bucs slowly came back. Momentum can be a real concern... I think AP should of gotten the ball more frequently in the 2nd 1/2 and use up more clock time.

Week #3, I saw the entire game and thought at half time we were finally going to get a W. Well, I come to find myself disappointed as the team got inspired to play hard a little too late. Jared Allen was a beast towards the end and I wish we could see that type of committment out of him for the entire game along with the rest of the team for the entire game. I'm not too sure on my thoughts on going for it on 4th. Hindsigh is always 20/20 when looking backwards. At least if your going to run it, hand it to AP. But, the Lions are good this year, and division games are always tough.

Week #4, the game just felt sloppy. Mistakes, simple stupid mistakes, etc. The announcers kept predicting AP was about to break a big one, but that big one never came. I think he got a fair amount of rushes on both 1/2s but never really had any great break aways. Harvin had some great plays along w/ Shank. Some clutch plays to keep a drive going. I think the defense did good work considering their field position & holding them to mostly FGs. Who would of thought Succumb would nail a 51 & 54 yard FG like that. You think luck would be on our side and he would miss at least one of them. In the 2nd Qtr, Hasselback was getting frustrated with the coaches, but they must of gotten the right amount of inspriation as the 2nd 1/2 they appeared to be playing better. The Chiefs also prepared pretty well for J. Allen as he was getting help in his opposition. Turnovers & penalties can make or break a game.

I think the coaching staff needs to reconsider how they play their 2nd 1/2s. Make adjustments, prepare for adjustments, and look to capitalize on the opponents weaknesses.

I was hoping to see more performance out of a Veteran QB, but #5 seems to strike me as a "yes coach" QB. He doesn't seem concerned or inspired. But he also seems happy and not stressed. His accuracy is hit & miss. But his receiving core is not the best.

Line - Give an average QB plenty of time to throw the ball and plays develop. If you can't get that, get a better QB who can perform faster. I think this is where we excelled w/ B.F. but he also was a gun slinger. The Week #4 Int was also a tipped ball from a Viking (but in retro spect the ball was pretty high).

Secondary - year after year, they're suspect. I like Jamarca Sanford. C. Cook seems to be playing well. Tyrell is questionable. And we all think AW is a great Vet. I was hoping the return of K.W. will help put pressure on the QB, which it likely has, but, nothing game changing.

I think overall solution. Establish a passing game. Which should help establish a run (when necessary). We used to run to setup the pass. Maybe we now need to pass to setup the run. Opposing teams prepare for AP. He is their biggest threat. Get PH involved more. Start passing more on 1st downs. Try screens and draws on 3 & reasonable distances. With our D - maintain pressure on the line to ease the work load on our secondary.

But, could it really be simple like that?


Bench B.B. for week #5 - inspire him to provide effort. Unless his recent fiasco has been enough inspiration.

Get PH in on more pass plays. Why rely on Shank & Rudolph?

BF was great as spreading the ball around. Get more of that going on.

Run running plays that appear as pass plays. We sometimes have great success with those setups.

Just my 0.02, but I am by no means an expert.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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