What moves should the Vikings make?

Coming into the Monday night game, I felt really good, I mean really good. I thought it was gonna be like the season opener- high scoring big plays and everything. I thought the Vikes could pull off the upset much like the rest of us hear at the DN. And of course, in perfect Viking fashion, we have a blowout in front of everybody in the country.                            Also, worse than that we have even more glaring holes then what I realized. So lets go over all the positions and how well they will work for the future.


QB: Obviously I think we've all jumped aboard the Ponder band-wagon and from what his mindset and talent is, he will be a good player. Webb, can be a decent back-up as what we've seen before.

RB:AD, decent young blood Gerhart can probably take over after AP hits 30, and Booker has been a nice change of pace back. This should be good for a long time.

FB: I actually like what I see in D'Imperio as I've seen him make good blocks throughout his time starting at fullback. I can see him get better as the season continues.

WR: Now is when we get to the problems. Percy Harvin is one of the few good talents we have on offense and I think he can be used like a speedy deep threat every once in a while, but mostly used in the slot getting screens and handoffs. Michael Jenkins should be a good #3 receiver as he's been a good possension receiver. Aromashodu and Camarillo could battle out for a #4 spot but I don't know if any of these guys can be a huge big play, strech the field type of player as 3 of the 4 receivers have the occasional trouble getting open. I think a 2nd rounder could be used to try and get that WR we need.

TE: Anyone else stay to watch the whole game because the highlight for the Vikings that night I would say belongs to Kyle Rudolph. He had an amazing one handed grab above to defenders and this guy can definatly be a lock at TE for a long long time. Shanicoe has been an amazing TE during his time in Minnesota but I think we can let him walk at the end of the season. The Sauce is like another OL on the team and I think we need to keep him for a blocking purpose(all of his greatness aside). Maybe pick up another TE to be a 2nd option.

OL: More problems, I think this is where we need the most help. The pass blocking on Monday was disgusting. I don't remember one time where Ponder had a decent amount of time to throw. I think that we use our 1st rounder on a LT  as Charlie Johnson would probably be better at  RG. Hutch can stay at LG for about two more years before I think we need another LG. Sully is starting to show improvement at Center and I think if he continues to do well then he should have the position for a little while longer. RG, personally I think there should be a battle between Johnson, Herrea, and Chris DeGeare for RG. Phil Loadholt would be great if he could just improve his pass-blocking. I mean, Ponder might do better blocking at RT. However, he run-blocking is great and he has shown good work ethic and I think he can improve pass blocking. I think me keep Joe Berger for Depth and see what DeMarcus Love can do.

DL: Jared Allen should be here for at least 5 more years. I think he has a lot left. Brian Robison should be good at LE for a while and I'm starting to have a thing for Everson Griffen. I mean he was COVERING PUNTS. What DL can cover punts?! He has 3 sacks this year and he can push for a starting spot if we use that 5 men on the line thing. Kevin Williams showed that he is still a good DT and he wrecked some havok on Monday. I think he should be better next year after he is over the foot injury. Christian Ballard and Letroy Guion should battle for the other DT spot as I saw some good things from both. I think we draft a Defensive Lineman in the 4th round.

LB: I like Greenway and the Henderson Bros. as starters. But, EJ leg is gonna be a problem the rest of his career. We might have to draft a replacement in a while. As for Erin,  I think he should get a few more years to grow into the role of a starter. I think we might wanna bring back Ross Homan for depth and maybe draft another LB in the late rounds.

DB: ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH. I think we're gonna need a big year from Chris Cook next year. We've seen promise from him this year and if he stays healthy and out of trouble, he will have a good year next year. Cedric Griffen, if he didn't have those knee injuries he would probably have a lot of INT's in the last 2 years. We saw 4 picks from him in 2009 and he probably would've gotten better in 2010. With the knee injuries he is having trouble keeping up with receivers. Asher Allen should be kept as a 4th cornerback. We need to see how both of these guys do next year. I think we take a corner in the 3rd round or trade down from our 1st round pick to get two 2nd rounders to pick a corner. Antoine Winfield needs to be given one more year to see if he can still perform or we might need to move him to safety. At safety, I think we give Husain another year as he has the most interceptions on the team for the last two years. Johnson we should try to trade for a 6th round pick and should be cut immediately. I think we draft another safety somewhere in the draft to battle Jamarca Sanford.

S: Chris Kluwe has been good. Longwell has been having a down year, but should be good for a couple more years. Cullen Loefler has been good for a long time and should stay.

Well, this should do and all of this however needs to have a good draft for the next couple years for us to come back to power.

What do you think the Vikings should do for the 2012 draft? SKOL!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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