Future roster

Owners - Zygil Wilf and the Wilf family. I hope they keep the Vikings forever.


Stadium - Metrodome until the Arden Hills stadium is built.

Front Office -

General Manager - Scott Studwell (promotion)

Capologist - Rob Brezinski (keep on staff)

Coaching staff - Personally I would keep everybody, except maybe a few assistants, as I think Frazier had no chance to get everything pulled together this year with the short offseason. Benny Sapp showed up and said the DBs need to start buying into what the coaches are telling them. In other words, they haven't been buying in. Maybe we need to get a new DB coach.

QB - Christian Ponder. We all knew he could throw most of the routes, and do everything else, or learn to. They questioned his accuracy. In the Falcons game, he completed 70% of his passes. They questioned his arm strength and his ability to throw the deep ball. He stood on the 50-yard line and threw a low-flying line drive that screamed to the back of the end zone, putting it exactly on target for Percy Harvin, a few inches above the defenders, If Ponder can throw like that without the benefit of years of NFL experience, he has all the arm that he will ever need in the NFL. The argument is absolutely over. Ponder is a franchise quarterback and he is going to be our starter for years to come. We hit the jackpot when we drafted him. So far he has thrown only 100 passes in the NFL, and it takes about 1,000 to get truly comfortable. Stay with him through the thick and thin. He needs to throw a lot of footballs in the NFL before he achieves his potential.

Backup QB - Joe Webb. We must not underestimate the importance of the backup quarterback position. With Joe Webb, we know we have a winner. The Vikings should give him an extension and keep him for the long term. Joe Webb is a quarterback, not a WR or DB. Just keep him at quarterback and we will have the best quarterback tandem in the league for years to come. 

RB - Adrian Peterson

We need to make a decision. Are we going to run the ball 35 times a game? If so, keep Gerhart and give it to him 10 to 15 times a game. If not, trade Gerhart for value. Keeping Gerhart for just two carries and one screen pass per game is crazy.

WR, slot - Percy Harvin. His strength is as a possession receiver, except that he can also burn the defense deep. We need a true #1 receiver who can do it all, and a #2 receiver, a burner or a possession guy, like a Jake Reed type.

TE - Rudolph, Kleinsasser, Reisner, and Shuler.

Release or trade Shiancoe as he can't block. He is the one who failed to block the blitzing DB on 4th and goal from the 1 against the Falcons. If we get that block made, Gerhart scores and we have a legitimate chance to win.

Offensive line: Re-evaluate everyone. Draft Riley Rieff and protect the blindside for years to come.

Defensive line: Release Ayodele. He just hasn't been able to compete out there really well this year. Trade Robison. 3-4 teams would love him. We have Everson Griffen just waiting to take over.

LB's: We need to take a hard, honest look at EJ Henderson's pass coverage abilities in the here and now. Can he do the job? That is the question. He plays with the heart of a warrior born. Ryan D'Imperio played LB in college. He has been bad at FB, but when he plays special teams coverage units he makes incredible plays tackling and forcing fumbles. Give him a shot at LB for next year.

DBs: Wait for Chris Cook's trial to take place. If he is guilty, then part ways. At this point, he may be offering a defense, which could result in a change in how we look at him. He is presumed innocent. Part of being a team is sticking up for your teammates, especially when the chips are down. We need to stick with Chris Cook through the final judgment in his case.

With Antoine Winfield, we should build a statue to him or something. He is great. He has been a true Viking and a great football player. We all love him. Sadly, he might not be part of the future in Minnesota because of his tragic injury.

Keep all of the other guys for sure and do all we can to bring them into training camp. We have real talent there with the likes of Asher Allen, Marcus Sherels. and the rest. They just need to be coached right (See above).

We are not in total rebuilding mode. We have lots of pieces and we need lots of pieces.

We should build through the draft.

The biggest challenge the Vikings have is finding a way to train up young football players. If the current coaching staff is incapable of teaching NFL-level football skills to today's young men, then we need a different coaching group, not different players. We need to build through the draft.

Major draft needs: OL, WR, DT, LB, DB

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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