Time to clean house -- and here's who should go...

The game is plain and simple -- if you were to clean house, who goes out with the trash??

My thoughts on who is expendable (the big names that come to mind, anyway), and whether or not they have any value in which to be used as trade bait for draft picks in 2012...

Trade List

Kevin Williams -- I'm bound to get some flack for this right off the bat, but let's be serious -- KWill, despite his decent play, is still on the wrong side of 30 and could warrant an early round draft pick.  EGriffen and Ballard have played well on the inside for potential replacements, and this would free up $$ for FA signings (WR, anyone...??).

Phil Loadholt -- Truly, he has not worked out.  He does not finish on plays and gets beat far too often.  DeMarcus Love should get a chance to start at RT.

Chris Cook -- I don't care what anyone says, I think his days in Purple are over.  I know the whole innocent until proven guilty yadda yadda yadda argument, but just forget the headache, admit a mistake and move on.

Asher Allen -- Yeah, I know, what trade value...??  As a former 3rd rd pick, and still young, he might have a little value.  I just want him off the team.  He's been burned more than my breakfast toast.


Cut List

Anthony Herrera -- Injured too much, very pedestrian play when he's healthy.

Remi Ayodele -- Not much to say here.  Moving on...


Let Go (Don't Re-sign) List

Visanthe Shiancoe -- We drafted Rudolph for a reason, and I'm a big fan of letting Reisner develop as a TE on this team.

Jim Kleinsasser -- I love the Sauce, but the penalties are inexcusable and (see above re: Reisner).  (In taking a couple valid replies into account, Sauce is worth retaining for his blocking skills -- his penalties notwithstanding -- and Rudolph/Reisner should round out the TE roster.)

Donovan McNabb -- ...need I say more...??

Greg Camarillo -- Decent WR but not worth the $$.

Tyrell Johnson -- Worthless player, sounds like he wants to go elsewhere (why we were still starting him, I have no idea...); Cedric Griffin should be moved to Safety, and Mistral Raymond is a potential starter in the making. 

Fred Evans -- Meh.  Just... meh.


On the Bubble

Steve Hutchinson -- Past his prime and play has been inconsistent.  Could be cut to free up some cap space and draft an OG in the 2nd rd.

Antoine Winfield -- If he's moved to nickel duty, he should absolutely be kept.  Don't like the idea of Winfield at Safety (Ced should be moved to Safety -- Antoine is still very valuable at CB... when he isn't injured...)

Charlie Johnson -- He's worth taking a look at if moved to OG.  At Tackle... no thank you, Cut-ville, USA.

Toby Gerhart -- Didn't do much before last weekend.  And, well, didn't do much last weekend, but... could have good trade value if the right opportunity presented itself.  Personally, I like having the insurance behind AP, but outside of the few elite RBs, they're a dime a dozen.

Husain Abdullah -- Loved him going into this season, not so much anymore.  Very inconsistent all year, Sanford has played better, and I'd love to see Cedric at Safety.  But, he still has value to the team and is highly regarded.

EJ Henderson -- I forgot EJ in my original post (thanks to kcskol for the reminder!!).  He has shown some recent pop coming up on the line, but his coverage is sketchy; EJ just hasn't been the same since his leg injury.  Re-signing him to a 1-yr deal might be worth considering, but perhaps it might be best to let EJ walk as a free agent, draft a good ILB and see if Jasper Brinkley can come back strong next year and step into the starting role.

Leslie Frazier, Bill Musgrave, Fred Pagac, Rick Spielman -- Despite justifiable circumstances, they should all have their feet held to the fire.


Ideally in the draft, we would shore up the OLine and land a stud CB.  In my eyes, at this point, I'd like to land Claiborne at CB and anyone out of Kalil/Martin/Reiff at LT -- getting that second 1st rd pick is the hard part, but that's what this thread is for.

What are your thoughts??

(P.S. I'm tired and don't feel like proof-reading -- please forgive any typos.)

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