What Gives The Vikings The Best Chance Next Year

    I believe its pretty apparant that here on out this year is a huge assessment of the coaches, to the kickers, to the quarterback to the defense. There is something small in the ranks of this Viking team that has this team falling short by one possession as often as the Vikings have managed. Given up leads that seem impossible to give up.

   There is alot of blame to go around for this team as i'm sure they'd all admit. So i'm going to give these front office folks some advice. You all are more then welcome to give them some added input. I mean, it only took 300 fanposts and 40 headlines on Daily Norsemen for them to realize its time to cut berrian. 1000 fanposts and 2000 headlines for them to get the memo that Childress was only good for bobble heads.

   1) We're assessing our quarterback (Duh) with no offensive line (i'll get to that later) So its really hard to see his accuracy when he's throwing into a stampede. Yes, I'm talking about the Lion King type of stampede. You know, when your sitting with your boys and you have to hold in your tears because its not cool to cry over a movie, and a cartoon at that. That pretty much sums it up for me when i'm watching the game at the bar. He's done a good job of throwing on the run and making due with what he has in front of him and as a rookie at that.

*Its also known we're drafting no later then the 10th and possibly with our schedule as high as 2nd. (Yeaahhhh, the colts blow--and thats coming from a Vikes fan) I think we're safe with Ponder being a very serviceable QB at the LEAST. With a sexier front 6 he could be legit. I say "front 6" because we're going to need a Tight End who can block just as effective as he can be a reciever. I think Rudolph is capable of being that guy. He just needs to get a nasty mentality when blocking.

 2)Musgrave wants to run a double tight. I understand it can be successful. Howevea....The 2 most explosive players on this team are without a doubt Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson. Percy Harvin is a beast, he can do it all. No doubt. HOWEVEA...He is most successful at playing the slot. This means if your running a double tight, there is no slot. As for Adrian Peterson? It doesn't matter what formation your in, he's going to be successful. Even with an offensive line that lacks the tenacity that he brings. Its time to give up on the double tight and go out in Free Agency and grab somebody that can stretch the field, or hopefully later in the draft if you think there is a sleeper. Might have to drop a Tight End to do that, but your hindering explosive and more consistent big plays out of Harvin by throwing him as a RB, out wide, doing cart wheels, returning kick-offs. Pretty much anything they ask of him.

 3) 1st and 2nd Pick of the draft should be scouted as we speak on the meanest, most physical, hard-nosed offensive linemen imagineable. I know our secondary blows right now and their are alot of question marks around alot of their futures but this team needs an O-line that resembles Adrian Peterson to negate these pass-happy neighbors in Detroit and Green Bay and Chicago. I believe Hutchenson can still be a nasty linemen but when the other 4 guys around you have become soft it tends to rub off. He needs 2 or 3 other linemen to pick up the tenacity that he can no longer bring on his own (You gotta love aging)

4) I honestly believe we can make this vikings defense great again in one year through Free Agency and an early 3rd round pick. We have our players we can build around in Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Chad Greenway, and surprising to some would still be E.J. Henderson. I like what we have in Eversen Griffin. I believe he will be the every down DE across from Jared Allen. Keep Robison on obvious passing downs to move Griffin in to DT. Ballard seems to be a DT worth molding beside Kevin Williams. We can still shop the DT market at this position. Most certainly in the 4th or 5th round as well. Notice, i'm saving that 3rd round pick for something special.

 5) SAFETY!!!!!!!! I'd cry for corners as well but this team needs a freakin' safety! There will actually be some solid safeties being shopped (Laron Landry of the Redskins comes to mind) If this is not addressed before the draft in such a manor of a quality safety that brings alot to the table then with our 3rd rounder its gotta be a safety. With our pick in the 3rd round it will feel more like a late 2nd rounder. There will likely only be 2 or 3 safeties taken at most at this point and there should still be a 2nd round potential at this position. It'd probably be a record for a safety taken this high for the Vikings (atleast in my time)

6) Corners is questionable, yet very critical to beating our division opponents. Chris Cook can still be a #1 CB, and was playing like one before his incident. Depending on how it all unfolds, we can have a solid CB to stack up with. Winfield is still a question mark as to what will happen with him. Injuries have really plagued him as he's become older. My best opinion is to move him to strong safety. He can cover, he has great persuit to the ball, and he's a superb tackler. Sounds like the perfect safety. We'll clearly need to make some moves in acquiring some CB's but if we draft a 3rd rounder free safety and move winfield to strong safety then we can make it happen in free agency with a corner signing. I could keep going, but its become late. SKOL Vikes for finishing strong and continue to grasp all the positives that can be made out of a dissapointing season and really focusing on what needs improvement.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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