Sorry but I MUST be missing the point!

Stadium this stadium that! I am sick of the taxpayers having to front the bill to make Wilfy richer! Our current economic climate sucks, our current government environment sucks, blah blah blah.

Look. Stadiums are expensive. There is a reason everyone here wanted the bill to NOT go to the public, as it would've failed. So I have some important questions I want answered. I have tried a few times to get answers, but I failed to follow through and/or were NOT satisfied with the answers.

Everyone says the Dome sucks ass. But I wondered why. Odin tried to help me, but only made things worse.

1- Why the hell cant they play in the TCF bank stadium? I dont buy the no alcohol reasoning because the 300+ million dollars zig wants to put in could easily fix that, as well as additional seating (tcf was designed to make expansion a possibility mind you) as well as "warming field" ability for cold weather games. The gophers have and likely will continue to suck (i am an alum mind you) and expanding will make it no different from when I was a gopher rooting them on in a 50% capacity stadium (the way it is now as I understand at TCF)

2- Why the F cant the dome be renovated? I like the noise, I like being pushed out by the air. The twinkies stadium is just as congested. with Zig's 300+ mil, the suites can be expanded/enhanced. Also this money could make additional seating up front (now that the twinkies got their stadium) making a more personal exp. for fans with $$

3- I cannot/will not buy added capacity. We have a hard enough time filling our mediocre stadium! In fact we do not even have the smallest stadium capacity for NFL teams, the cardinals, raiders, bears and colts hold that "crown" and do we really want to have to beg MORE corporations to buy unsold tickets!?!?!? If you add a mere 2,000 seats, we get to the range of the seahawks, rams, bucs, bengals, steelers, and lions!

4-Parking. Yes it sucks. Tailgating is nonexistent. I do not think it would take much to convert some land to parking/tailgating lots. I thought part of the dome renovation plan included buying out the star tribune offices to convert to tailgating lots?

5-I am sorry, I do not think using tax payer money to make z. wilf richer is in the best interest of MN. I DO NOT want them to leave however and I am torn. So far, I have written to law makers to keep them in MN no matter the cost. I just do not understand why everyone is hating on the dome so much. It works. We have a home field advantage. Why not put on a fresh coat of paint?


If MPLS wants to give it to Wilf, why not take it and make the changes? HUGE benefit for everyone involved I think. Don't even try stadium envy crap. Ive been to "the best" at Lambeau where I had to sit on a bench in the freezing weather and park on some GB fans lawn for twenty bucks. No thanks. Also I can agree about temporary jobs, but it has been proven that sports stadiums offer little to zero economic benfits for the state/city...


Everyone is so ready to get on the Dome sucks wagon without even second guessing it. Maybe I need some convincing...

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