Webb at WR (yeah, let's talk about it... again...)

I know this has been talked to death, but considering we are in need of a WR and the discussion will soon turn to whether or not we should use an early rd pick on one (trust me, I was arguing for that a month ago...), I think this needs to be revisited.

I understand there are plenty of fans who loooooooove Webb at QB. But let's face it, everyone -- Rosenfels, a more experienced QB by a longshot, is better served as a backup QB to Ponder (who, I'm quite certain, we can all agree is our QBOTF). Sure, we could have Webb as our third-string QB in 2012, which would allow him to be used as a WR in certain packages. But I have to ask -- what's the point?? Couldn't we draft a late-rd QB for that role (coughcoughCaseKeenumcough), thus allowing Webb to devote all of his time to WR?? It's not like we couldn't create certain packages that would allow him to throw the ball... end-around option, etc etc.

"But no," you say, "we need a deep threat, a red zone threat who can undeniably jump up and come down with the ball... We need a #1 WR -- Webb just isn't that guy..."


Deep threat -- Webb is a 4.4 runner.

RZ threat -- Webb is 6'4" with elite jumping skills.

In fact, most (if not all) of Webb's measureables would have ranked at the top of his draft class -- but I'm sure you all know this already.

And a #1 WR?? I don't disagree, we 'could' use one -- but, look at Percy: he isn't a #1 WR by any means, and he is beginning to thrive in this offense. Do we really need a #1 WR, or do we just need a receiver who can fulfill the elements laid out above?? Between Harvin (a jack-of-all-trades), Rudolph (a big, sure-handed TE who also doubles as a red-zone threat), Jenkins/Aromashodu (possession WRs), and Webb (someone who can stretch the field, jump up for the ball, and even act as a decoy), well hell, Ponder might have more legit receiving options already than popular opinion would have us believe.

So, what does this come down to??

a) The coaching staff giving Webb reps at WR (which they appear to be doing);


b) Webb's ability to pick up the system as a WR.

I think it will take time for Webb to become accustomed to the routes, particularly the timing of them. However, with the rest of this season and the off-season to work at it, he could absolutely have it down by 2012. But again, it boils down to how well he can pick up that aspect of the game.

Should that be the case, perhaps we don't need to be concerned with using an early- or mid-rd pick on a WR, and we can use those picks on one of our many other positions of need.

What are your thoughts??

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