Eric's Abbreviated Preview And Week 14 Picks

I was planning on doing my weekly preview yesterday, but the weekend somehow got away from me as holiday weekends tend to do. I'm heading to a baby shower in a half hour, so I can't put my usual time into the writing. (Don't worry, I haven't completely turned in my man card--the guys are going to watch football while the girls do...whatever it is that girls do during those things. So for the first time in almost a month, I'll actually be on the game threads.)

But when you think about it, what else is there to preview about this game? Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson are game-time decisions, and I'd be surprised if both of them played. Even if both play, neither of them play in the secondary, which will get absolutely torched by Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. The Lions have been self-destructing for the past month, and they'll be without the suspended Ndamukong Suh. But nothing gets you back to normal like playing a banged-up, 2-10 division foe.

Joe Webb and Toby Gerhart are definitely serviceable backups, but I don't see how the Vikings will be able to keep up with Detroit's aerial attack. Sure, I guess the Vikings could keep it close by forcing some turnovers, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Stafford has been throwing picks at an alarmingly high rate lately, but the Vikings haven't intercepted a pass since Week 5 against Arizona.

Read that last sentence again. That's over two hundred pass attempts by an opponent since a Viking has come down with one.

Since most Vikings fans are dead set on getting the best draft pick possible at this point in the season, I'm guessing another loss will get another ho hum reaction, especially if Ponder and AP don't play.

So ho comes 2-11.

Prediction: Lions 34, Vikings 17

Here are the rest of my Week 14 NFL picks (home teams in ALL CAPS):

STEELERS over Browns: I Tweeted this one on Thursday night...and I was right for once! Hooray for me!

Falcons over PANTHERS: The Falcons were "off again" last week, so I'll pick them to be "on again" this time.

BENGALS over Texans: Dalton will find a way to out-duel his rookie QB counterpart T.J. Yates.

Saints over TITANS: Even with CJ2K finally playing well, I don't think they can outscore the blazing Drew Brees.

RAVENS over Colts: Self-explanatory.

JETS over Chiefs: First team to 4 interceptions loses?

Eagles over DOLPHINS: I keep picking Philly, they keep losing. I enjoy this trend.

Patriots over REDSKINS: The Pats are good, the Skins aren't. And even though this is an abbreviated version of my picks, I can't deprive you from the Gratuitous Picture of the Week!


JAGUARS over Buccaneers: I can't believe they didn't flex this one to Sunday night!

BRONCOS over Bears: I wish Jay Cutler was playing just so someone besides Tim Tebow would be acknowledged in this game.

49ers over CARDINALS: Upset alert? The Cards have been hot lately...naaaahhhh.

CHARGERS over Bills: The Disappointment Bowl! These teams started a combined 8-2 and are a combined 2-12 since.

2007 PATRIOTS PACKERS over Raiders: The 2007 Patriots beat the Giants 38-35 in New York late in the season. The 2011 Packers beat the Giants 38-35 in New York last in the season. The similarities just keep on coming!

Giants over COWBOYS: Nobody seems to want to win the NFC East, so I'll pick the G-Men to tie everything up again.

SEAHAWKS over Rams: My Survivor Pool pick of the week, which dropped to 10-3 after the Chiefs beat Chicago last week.

Last week: 9-7
This week so far: 1-0
Season so far: 118-75

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