A perfect offseason

We all know that the draft and free-agent signings is the only thing us Vikings fans are looking forward to. Right? Well, the next two games are at least winnable. But, we know that the new players that we get will be the most exiting things for us to watch. We need to see how Frazier manages the personel and see if 2012 will be another lost season.

Lets start with the OL.

It think we will win our next two games for some weird reason and the Rams lose their next two and we're stuck with the #3 overall pick in the draft. I would guess that the Lions are okay with the play of their young LT Rodger Saffold and would be okay giving him another year to improve. I think that the Rams would try to trade back to get Blackmon or possibly take him there.

That gives the Vikings the chance to get ........MATT BARKLEY.

(2 Hours later)

Okay now that I knocked out the weird dude in my house that was typing, I mean Matt Kalil. I know that the DN has been really Kalil bandwagony of late, but this is the best route to go. The secondary would be a lot better with Winfield and Cook possibly returning, the secondary wouldn't be that bad.

Also, drafting Kalil would make Ponder jump for joy as he would probably only have to run away from his right side now that he has Kalil. I think that Kalil will struggle at first or maybe suceed right away, but will probably be an instint improvement over CJ2sacks per quarter. We need to get better OLineman anyway because Ponder can't keep on getting hit like that or he'll turn into the two forms of David Carr or Chad Pennington.

Moving onto LG.

I think this might be the slow end for future HOF Steve Hutchinson as we've seen a major decline this year in play. To replace him, we might need to do what we also do... yes I hate it to, but go to Free Agency to fill up holes again. I think Carl Nicks would fit that role perfectly. He is still young so could probably be Long-term fix. He is a good young LG and they don't come often, so I think we will need him. With the Aint did nothin wrong to AP he's a wuss focusing on Brees and Colston, the Vikings could possibly slip one by and grab him.

For Center the Vikings extending Sully's contract, they know that he will continue the long-lineage of late-round good centers.

RG : I think Herrea is gone after this season as well. His injuries have been a huge nuicince and I think he should go. He has been a survicable Vikings since signed, but I think that this is where Charlie Johnson will come in. He is built more like a Guard and would probably play better there. Another option would be to have a 4-way maybe 5-way competition for RG with Herrea, Berger, Fusco, Johnson, and maybe DeGeare.

RT: This is complicated. Loadholt has been a fantastic run-blocker because of his size and he can just blow past as guy in his way, but its his size that is making him a terrible pass-blocker. I've seen him do good is pass-blocking we he really gets low and keeps his feet moving. He is basically another version of McKinnie. However, that reason that he is better is because he actually cares about football and he wants to work to get better. I think if he has a good offseason and get smaller in weight and faster. He could really improve in pass-blocking. If he doesn't then its time to call up DeMarcus Love.

WR: To fix up another glaring hole, we could maybe trade up from the second round to possibly take Michael Floyd, but that is highly unlikely. I want Vincent Jackson. Yes, a bit gambly on him even after Nicks, but he has that big play ability that Percy Harvin LOVES. This absolutely opens up the slot for Harvin and the middle for Rudolph. If we are unable to sign Jackson I would target maybe Jackson Philly version or maybe another Saint Colston. This is one of the harder position to fill as I see the OL being a bigger need to develop Ponder anyway. If not I see the Vikings taking a WR is the 2nd round.


This will be tough. If Cook and Winfield return. This secondary just got 10 times better. With those two holding themselves down, the secondary will be better. The only problem is staying healthy. I was first thinking that Sapp wouldn't be back after this year, but he hasn't done to shabby. I would keep him for a #3 cornerback. Burton and Allen will fight for #4 corner if Burton shows that he has something in the final two games. Johnson is gone after this season. So for safeties, we have Raymond, Abdullah, Sanford, and Griffin. Yes, I want Griffin at safety. He is a good corner and after some more time healing up the ease of playing at safety will help him. If not, then he is gone, According to Tom Pellirosso he was acting like the secondary version of Bernard Berrian. And yes, mentioning that name already means bad things. I want Raymond starting in the other safety because of his story and even though we haven't seen much of his pass-coverage, its probably better then Sanford. For, Abdullah I would have him fight with Griffin. For the draft, I would want a 3rd and 4th rounder invested into CB's and Safeties.

These are the three biggest glaring holes in the time and I think this would be the best way to patch them up for Long term and some for the next draft. I would focus more on improving the offense because Ponder will determine whether Musgrave and Frazier will keep their jobs. So, I would work on them. I think we get the Rams head coach to Defensive Co. if he is fired because the change would probably not effect how bad it is right now. If EJ leaves then move his bro to MLB and Everson Griffen to the other OLB position. We need to get him in the game. A 3-4 would be up for consideration, but that is for another fanpost.

What do you guys think about the offseason and what we should do?


This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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