Frazier Wired: NFL Replay Vikings vs Broncos

I watched the NFL Replay of the Vikings/Broncos game, and they had Coach Frazier wired during the broadcast. Wow, what an eye opener that was. It was by far the most intimate look at Frazier's coaching style I've ever witnessed. I've been a vocal critic of Frazier this season, but after viewing this it may have changed my mind. I decided to recap all the Frazier Wired segments and transcribed almost all of it. I present it free of comment, but I hope that you'll provide your own thoughts in the comments section.

Early in the 1st quarter after the Vikings scored a field goal, Frazier is seen firing up the coaches, “Stick with the plan, stick with the plan…it’s working”

After the Ponder fumble in the 1st quarter, Frazier is seen speaking to Herrera/Loadholt, “Help the guys stay up, Stay up, lots of football left.” And also, “We’ll get it back”…he assembled the O-Line, and prodded them by saying, “Somebody’s got to take charge.”

Frazier Challenges the McGahee fumble and wins. He is then shown saying, “We HAVE to take advantage of the turnover” into headset.

Midway in the 2nd quarter, he is shown asking K-Will if they have an advantage on their O-Line Guard, checking to see if they have an advantage the can exploit on the D-line.

Frazier challenges a second time on the Thomas catch in the 2nd quarter, and wins.

After the ridiculous Rudolph TD catch, Frazier congratulates Rudolph, but also gives Gerhardt praise for the good running that led to it.

Interesting side note, Greenway was shown a couple times interacting with Frazier, and at the end of the 1st half, he seems to be trying to convince Frazier to go for the TD after the Jared Allen forced fumble.

Frazier confers with Musgrave and Ponder about running the 2-minute offense “just like we did in practice”, and both of them agree to go for a TD drive to end the half.

After their last timeout with 0:08 left in the 1st half, Frazier repeatedly says, “We gotta kick it, we’re kicking it,” Musgrave questions him on it, and asks, “You don’t wanna try one play?” He asks Musgrave, “Can your rookie Quarterback not hold the ball?” Frazier then says, “We can’t hold the ball..we gotta get points.” He is then shown telling Ponder not to hold onto the ball on their one chance to go for it. They go for it. And with Rudolph and Harvin on the sideline, Ponder rolls out, checks a few options very quickly and just throws it away. They settle for the field goal after all.

In the opening drive of the 2nd half, after Thomas burns our secondary for a TD, Frazier responds with, “How does that happen in Cover 2, man? The guy is just running a fade route! That is so bad.” He continually shakes his head. He is then shown with the secondary guys explaining to them what they did wrong, saying to Griffen, “you gonna have to hit him on that, you gotta hit him on the split. You give him free access, that’s just too much pressure on the safety. You gotta hit him, on the top of the numbers.”

After the Harvin TD in the 3rd quarter, Frazier is shown discussing the defensive scheme with Pagac on the sideline. He says, “…gonna make you blitz on 1st and 10 with wide open or blast, because if you play 2 and they throw the ball…we’ll get him on the ground it looks like. When he scrambles, somebody gets open. I don’t think you can abandon 2, but you got to think about the next 1st and 10 being over one, and then coming back to Cover 2 over 1 vs 6 over regular. Was that regular?” Pagac answers with, “That was regular.”

Right after that discussion, exactly what Frazier was afraid of happening, happens. Tebow scrambles and finds an open Thomas for a TD at the end of the 3rd. The play was essentially sandlot football, and our secondary was out juked in the open field as Thomas ran 15 yards to the endzone breaking 2 tackles.

After Harvin’s 2nd TD answers Denver's drive, Frazier is all smiles and fist pumps, and wrangles up Jared Allen coaching him by saying, “We gotta make this stand up. Tell ‘em that, we gotta make this stand up.” Allen knows what’s on the line and answers, “Yep, Yep.” He then gets in the face of EJ Henderson saying the same thing.

After Longwell kicks a field goal to go up 32-29 in the 4th, Frazier is seen coaching EJ Henderson again. Frazier says, “EJ, I remind you that we still gotta defend the run, but we gotta be able to become pass rushers also.” Then he calls up Benny Sapp, “Hey, Benny, if the ball bounces, we gotta keep it in the suit now.”

Denver marches down the field, and scores a field goal to tie it. After getting the ball back Ponder throws the interception deep in MN territory with 1:33 left. Denver moves it closer burning the rest of the clock off and kicks the game winner.

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