Defensive Backs We Could Draft

Another issue that needs to be addressed in this years draft is our secondary. Especially at the safety position. To put it in nice terms; we have not had a good secondary for a long time. In fact I can't remember the last time we did. I'm hoping with Leslie Frazier as our new head coach we can finally build a great pass defense. So who are our options in this years draft? We all know we do not want to see "Mr. Deer In The Headlights" Asher Allen ever again. Here are 8 cornerbacks and 4 safeties that we could go for.


Patrick Peterson: This corner out of LSU is said to be the most sure thing in this year's NFL draft. He is projected to go top 5 ,so I don't see him dropping to us ,but just in case a miracle happens here's some information about this stud. For a corner he is huge at 6'1" and 222 pounds and he might end up switching to safety. He finished his career with 135 tackles and 7 interceptions. Great coverage corner to go along with great instincts make this guy the best corner in the draft. Weakness: Overly aggressive at times.

Prince Amukamara: This corner out of Nebraska is the guy the Vikings could potentially have a shot at. There are about 3 teams that draft before us that could take him ,but if he falls to us this would be a steal. Another massive corner at 6'1" and 205 pounds. His career as a Cornhusker finished with 155 tackles and 5 interceptions. He has excellent anticipation skills and is an absolute hawk to the ball. Also a very good tackler. Weakness: Gives up the deep ball at times.

Jimmy Smith: This must be the year of giant CB's because this prospect out of Colorado is listed at 6'2" and 205 pounds. He recorded 160 tackles and had 3 interceptions in his collegiate career. He only allowed 10 complete passes his way when he was playing man coverage last year. Jimmy is a very physical corner who likes to give the receiver a nice little check at the line of scrimmage. Weakness: Footwork

Brandon Harris: At 5'11" and 195 pounds, Brandon had a pretty good career at Miami. He finished with 129 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and 4 interceptions. Brandon is known for his man coverage and his great athleticism. Has amazing speed which goes well with his great timing. Weakness: Zone Coverage

Aaron Williams: This corner out of Texas stands at 6'1" and 195 pounds. He finished his career with 89 tackles, 5 forced fumbles , and 4 interceptions. He has been compared to Vikings corner Cedric Griffin, and likes to make big hits. He is a great run support CB and his size makes it easy for him to stick with taller WR's. Weakness: Inconsistent Tackling

Curtis Brown: This second corner out of Texas is a little smaller than his teammate (listed above) at 6'0" and 184 pounds. He finished his collegiate career at 105 tackles and 2 interceptions. He has excellent speed and quickness from his days at WR which also helps his ability to sense double moves and routs. More known for his man coverage skills ,but has the abilities to become better at Zone. Weakness: Tackling Fundamentals

Davon House: This ball hawk out of New Mexico State finished his 4 year career with 202 tackles and 11 interceptions. He is listed at 6'0" and 190 pounds. Very much known for his man coverage skills and tackling skills. Has also has shown ability to adapt into a good zone NFL corner. He also has never missed a game his whole career. Very good hand-eye-coordination skills and times his jumps well. Weakness: Footwork

Ras-I Dowling: Another tall corner at 6'2" and 200 pounds. This prospect comes from the University of Virgina. He had 159 tackles and 8 interceptions during his career. He was supposed to be one of the better cornerbacks in this years draft ,but injuries this season cut that short. He is very experienced and is hard to fool. Very good at baiting the QB into throwing the ball and does a good job of riding his receiver all the way down field. Weakness: Past Injuries and speed


Rahim Moore: Listed at 6'1" and 197 pounds this prospect out of UCLA is said to be the best safety in the NFL draft. In 2009 he recorded 10 Interceptions and had 7 pass deflections. He reads the quarterbacks very well and reacts to the play quickly. Rahim also has very good feet and on field speed. Weakness: Inconsistent Open Field Tackler, Tries To Tackle To High

Quinton Carter: Listed at 6'1" and 211 pounds. This safety out of Oklahoma is very fluid in his movements. He can change directions very quickly and smoothly. In 2009 he had 88 tackles and 4 interceptions. Very athletic safety who has the speed to cover WR's one on one. Also a very hard hitter who has been thrown out of practice for being to jacked up. Known as a head hunter and a very intimidating presence in the middle. Reliable last line of defense tackler. Weakness: Overly Aggressive(Penalties)

Duenta Williams: Listed at 6'1 and 215 pounds this safety out of North Carolina is more known for his 4 game suspension (agent scandal) and broken right leg in his final college game ,but before all that he had never missed a start. He shows good route recognition skills and shows great competitiveness with a "ball is always mine" attitude. Weakness: Not the hardest hitter out there

DeAndre McDaniel: Listed at 6'0" and 213 pounds this prospect out of Clemson had a bit of a down year. He came into this year listed as one of the scariest defenders in the nation. He is very much known for his hitting ability. His interception ability has been compared to Brian Dawkins. In his career at Clemson he recorded 285 tackles, 18.5 tackles for a loss, 16 QB pressures and 15 interceptions. Weakness: Gives up a lot of big plays

Well there you have it; these could be future Vikings next year. Which player/player's would you want and why? It can be players not on the list as well.

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