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I've started my own section in the Dailynorseman's FanSection, and I'll be providing you all with links to recent Viking News(Updated Every 3-5 days).  Enjoy!

 *Always check back, because post will be edited with more links until it falls off the frontpage. 


Vikings' Woods interviews for Eagles job

Vikings defensive backs coach Joe Woods interviewed for the Eagles defensive coordinator's job, according to NFL sources. Star Tribune February 1, 2011

Vikings' Everson Griffen won't face felony charges
Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen will avoid felony charges for his Monday arrest on suspicion of felony battery, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. Pioneer Press February 1, 2011

Griffen won't face felony charges
Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen won't face a felony charge on suspicion of battery after allegedly assaulting a police officer and being tased near the University of Southern California campus on Monday afternoon. Star Tribune February 1, 2011

Former Vikings QB to coach Hill-Murray
A few weeks back, Brooks Bollinger gave an interview to the Grand Forks Herald in which he announced his retirement from professional football. Star Tribune February 1, 2011

Vikings' Griffen released from California jail
Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was released from a Los Angeles jail early Tuesday after posting $50,000 bail and is scheduled to make his first court appearance late this month. Star Tribune February 1, 2011

Griffen tased and arrested after alleged assault of cop
Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was arrested on suspicion of felony battery Monday after allegedly assaulting a police officer and being tased near the Southern California campus, a spokesman with the Los Angeles Police Department said. Star Tribune February 1, 2011

Persistence paying off for former MSU Mankato offensive lineman
Cut by the Vikings before the season, Adrian Battles kept on working and eventually landed on the Packers' practice squad. He won't play in the Super Bowl but still will contribute. Star Tribune February 1, 2011

Stars light not so bright
Gathering top players for a game doesn't mean what it used to years ago. Star Tribune February 1, 2011

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, agent Bob LaMonte make a good team
Leslie Frazier almost had what he wanted. A three-year contract to coach the Vikings would arrive at his desk soon, needing only his signature. Pioneer Press February 1, 2011

Vikings' Griffen tased, arrested in Los Angeles
Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was in a Los Angeles jail late Monday night after being arrested on felony battery charges, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed. Pioneer Press February 1, 2011

The first-ever Pro Bowl deactivation
In response to a few of your questions, I want to address why Minnesota Vikings linebacker E.J. Henderson was on the sideline but did not play in the NFC's 55-41 "victory." January 31, 2011

Vikings all-time Pro Bowlers
A look at the Vikings' history in the Pro Bowl throughout the franchise's history. Viking Update January 31, 2011

Chavous points out pitfalls of rookie QBs
Former Vikings safety Corey Chavous is now a draft analyst and the long-time football junkie points out how much more difficult it could be for a rookie quarterback this year because of the potential work stoppage. Viking Update January 31, 2011

Shooter Now: What would you pay to own two pieces of the Metrodome roof?
The recent collapse of the Metrodome roof, in a small way, has helped raise money for youth baseball in St. Paul. Pioneer Press January 31, 2011

Here's why Henderson didn't play in the Pro Bowl
There was some confusion on Sunday about why Vikings middle linebacker E.J. Henderson didn't play for the NFC in the Pro Bowl after he was named as a replacement for the Saints' Jonathan Vilma last week. Star Tribune January 31, 2011

NFC storms to 42-point lead, takes Pro Bowl
Sure, Adrian Peterson had fun, but the turnover-filled game became laughable in a hurry after the winners took a giant first-half lead. Star Tribune January 31, 2011

Peterson sets record in Pro Bowl victory
We didn't watch the entire Pro Bowl, but we wanted to pass along how the Vikings contingent fared in the all-star game, which the NFC won 55-41. Star Tribune January 30, 2011

Vikings help NFC crush turnover-prone AFC in Pro Bowl
Vikings running back Adrian Peterson rushed for a game-high 80 yards and a touchdown to help the NFC team match a Pro Bowl scoring record on Sunday in a 55-41 victory over a turnoverprone AFC squad at Honolulu's Aloha Stadium. Pioneer Press January 30, 2011

Ted Mondale talks about the Vikings' chances for a new stadium
New Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission chairman Ted Mondale likely will need to heed his father's advice as he attempts to get a new stadium approved for the Vikings. Pioneer Press January 30, 2011

Prove or Dump
The NFL's proving ground ... frost bitten Metropolitan Stadium. Benches aligned side by side. Fire breathing dragons ... schooners fighting an incessant battle of no contest. January 30, 2011

FUN TRIVIA! Learn More about our team's Ancestors! (Not Literally)


1. Which country was NOT considered a Viking homeland?

     1 |Finland  2|Denmark  3|Sweden  4|Norway

2. Before the use of coins in the Viking world, what method of payment was common?
     1| amber  2| iron bars  3| hack silver  4| carved bone

3. There is very little recorded history of Vikings in Russia. What evidence of their presence did the Vikings leave behind?
     1| all of these  2| runic inscriptions  3| weapons  4| brooches

4. What was the treasure a Viking was buried with called?
     1| death bounty  2| Viking hoard  3| Thor’s plunder  4| grave goods

5. What were Vikings NOT known as?
     1| missionaries  2| traders  3| craftsmen  4|explorers

6. Thor was the Norse god of Thunder. What symbol of Thor did Vikings wear as jewelry?
     1| ram’s horn  2| snake  3| Thor’s hammer  4| lightning bolt

7. What were Viking weapons made of?
     1| steel  2| copper  3| iron  4| bone

8. What use did the Vikings have for walrus skins?
     1| clothing  2| ship rope  3| tarps  4| shoes

9. A pair of oval brooches are found within an excavated Viking Age grave site. Who was buried there?
     1| a child  2|a woman  3| a man  4| a member of royalty

10. A thrall was a slave during the Viking Age. How did a person become a thrall?
     1| being born to a thrall mother  2| voluntarily becoming a thrall  3| capture  4| all of these

*Answers will be reveled on next MNHUPM news update! Enjoy your week. The person(s) who answers the most questions correct will be congratulated in the next Update.

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