NMVike's 2011 NFL Draft Quarterback rankings

Disclaimer:  I totally stole this idea from Mocking the Draft's Jon Dove.

I posted my top 10 QB rankings over there, but FSU Viking was the only other Daily Norsemen regular to join in the fun so I decided to bring the fun over here to you.  As much as I like to read and post over at Mocking the Draft, the Daily Norsemen is my home and I'd like to get some feed back from you; especially since most of us believe that the QB position will be addressed one way or another this offseason.

My top 10 rankings after the jump.

1.  Blaine Gabbert, Missouri.  When I first started hearing this kid's name as the #1 QB prospect, I had my doubts.  I went as far as to say that his ranking as the #1 prospect is an idictment on the lack of talent at this position.  But after seeing this kid put up the numbers that he did at the Combine, I realized that the hype might be justified.  He has great size, a good arm, and he's a pretty darn good athlete.  I still am skeptical over the lack of TDs (only 16 last season), but I am looking forward to his pro day and to learn more about him.

Projection: top 12 pick.  He will not get passed the Vikings at #12.

2.  Cameron Newton, Auburn.  I must begin by admitting that I am not Cam Newton's biggest fan.  I just don't trust this kid.  He has some red flags concerning his character.  He stole or purchased a stolen laptop, then tried to hide the evidence; he was accused of academic fraud; and he was pimped out by his father.  I don't believe for one second that he didn't know what his father was up to.  With all that being said, Newton is a fine looking athlete.  He posted a solid 40 yard dash, had a great broad jump and a pretty good verticle jump.  But every time that the NFL Network posted the all-time top combine numbers for QBs, I couldn't help but notice that most of those guys aren't even in the NFL anymore.  Being a great athlete is nice, but it's not an indicator of success for an NFL QB.

Projection: top 15 pick.  He might go as high as the top 5, but he definately will not fall beyond Miami at #15.

3.  Jake Locker, Washington.  I am starting to ride this bandwagon.  I was highly critical of him early on in this process.  I didn't like that he didn't win a boat-load of games and I questioned his accuracy.  But I love his attitude and willingness to work.  Plus it is evident that he has already made some progress as he looked sharp on his throws at the Combine.  Throw in his workout numbers and you just have to feel good about this kid. 

Projection:  top 43 pick.  He could go anywhere from mid 1st round to early 2nd.  But he will not get passed our Vikes at #43.

4.  Ryan Mallet, Arkansas.  The kid can flat out throw the rock.  He has a one-of-a-kind arm.  His passes look effortless.  But several red flags have surfaced in the last few months; both on the field and off.  His decision making in critical situations, i.e. the end of the Sugar Bowl, have come into question.  And now there's the suspicion of drug addiction.  I personally would have a hard time drafting this kid in the 1st round.  He doesn't have strong leadership abilities and he tends to fold under pressure.  However some team will love his size and arm strength.

Projection:  top 45 pick.  I will have my fingers crossed that we pass on him!

5.  Christian Ponder, FSU.  Ponder has always been a notable prospect.  His injury history has caused his draft stock to slide.  However he has climbed back up many of those draft boards as a result of his Senior Bowl performance.  Teams will also like that he played in a complex offense at FSU.  While he's not as good an athlete as Gabbert, Newton or Locker, he is a decent enough athlete to make a living at the next level, especially for a team that employs the West Coast offense.

Projection:  top 60 pick.  I would be okay with the Vikings trading down a few spots in the 2nd round to take Ponder, if they can pick up a 3rd round pick as part of the deal.

6.  Andy Dalton, TCU.  I think of Dalton as a poor man's Colt McCoy.  He was a 4 year starter and all he did was win. He helped to put TCU on the National map while collecting a Rose Bowl win along the way.  I like this kid.  I just don't know if he has enough physical tools to have a long career in the NFL as a starter.  I do think he will make one heck of a backup.

Projection: 3rd-4th round selction to a  West coast offensive team. 

7.  Ricky Stanzi, Iowa.  Ricky Stanzi had a similar career to Christian Ponder in that they both have been on the radar and they both endured their share of ups and downs.  And like Ponder, Stanzi enjoyed his best season, from a statistical standpoint, as a senior.  I like his height, hand size, and the fact that he played in the Midwest, therefore he has experience playing in the elements.

Projection: 4th-5th round selection.  He is another West coast type QB.

8.  Pat Devlin, Deleware.  Small school prospect who will often be compared, perhaps unfairly,  to his predecessor at Delaware, Joe Flacco.  While they both transfered from DI schools and went on to lead the Delaware Blue Hens to Div I-AA National Title game apperances (Flacco lost, Devlin won), the similarities end there.  Flacco is few inches taller and has a much better arm.  Flacco ended up a 1st round selection, while Devlin will likely be a 2nd or 3rd day selection. 

Additionally, I watched his last 3 college games (last 2 games of the FCS playoffs, including the championship, and the East-West Shrine Game) and I was not overly impressed.  He didn't stand out as a Div. I player among Div I-AA players.  In fact, I thought he was outplayed by E. Washington's QB in the title game. 

Projection: 4th-5th round.

9.  Colin Kaepernick, Nevada.  Colin has received a lot of hype in the last few months leading up to the draft.  With his size, speed and athleticism, the hype is justified.  Unfortunately Colin is very raw and likely a 3 year developmental project.  He has flaws in his mechanics, and he will have to learn an NFL style offense and how to read NFL defenses, things he has no experience doing.  I like the kid.  I like his attitude and work ethic.  However I simply do not believe his skill set will translate to the NFL.

Projection: 5th-6th round.  He may get drafted as high as the 3rd round, but I wouldn't spend more than a 5th.

10.  Greg McElroy, Alabama.  One of my personal favorites, McElroy has experienced a bit of bad luck as of late.  He had the oppurtunity to knock off undefeated Auburn and Cam Newton, but he suffered a head injury in the 4th quarter and Alabama proceeded to fall apart in that game.  McElroy bounced back with a monster bowl game vs. Michigan St. only to fall victim to the injury bug again at the Senior Bowl.  He doesn't possess the size of Gabbert or Newton, nor does he have the arm strength of Mallet.  But he wins, and he has won at the highest levels.  Many McElroy doubters claim that he was simply a benefactor of the talent around him.  I say he is a smart football player and a very smart person in general (Rhodes Scholar finalist), who can turn into a late round steal.

Projection: 6th round.  If the Vikings miss out on Gabbert and Locker, I hope they consider McElroy late in he draft.

Best of the rest: 

TJ Yates, UNC: 7th round

Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech: 7th round

Taylor Potts, Texas Tech: 7th-UFA

Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin: 7th-UFA

Nate Enderle, Idaho: UFA

Mitch Mustain, USC: UFA


Lets see your top 10!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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