Just say "NO" to drafting a QB (1st round this year)

Reason 1.

Blane Gabbert is the best on all boards, who is second? exactly - none of the experts can tell. Unless we get 
B-G, I wouldn't be happy with a rookie. 

Reason 2. 

Who makes more money Orton or Quinn?

Yes, you guessed it- Brady "my sister is smoking hot and she married a Neanderthal for his money (AJ Hawk)" Quinn.  Almost double. He hasn't seen the inside of a huddle since... Um I forgot. 

Reason 3. 

"Potential"... "Upside"... "Intangibles"... Blah Blah Blah- all the experts develop diarrheal of the mouth over which ever player is the flavor of the Combine- They're like used car salesmen. I haven’t done any research- but I'd like to see how well their evaluations" correlated with the players actual performance (at least for QB's) in the draft.

Reality check- Anyone (including me) that tells you they KNOW what will happen is one of two things: 

1. A clairvoyant

2. A Liar

One of these does not exist… Can you pick which one?

Reason 3. 

Development takes time... and I'm sick of waiting. 1998... let down, we did well for a couple years and slowly fell into the realm of mediocre... Nestled there with the Jacksonville Jags, Miami Dolphins, the Bengals, the Eagles. Good here and there, but never quite good enough- and yet, not crappy enough to get that A+ draft QB prospect that we are waiting to see in purple.

1998 cut me deep, last year a bit deeper- This year took the whole arm. I'm sick of the GREEN and GOLD constantly thinking they are superior... The arrogance of the fans, the players, and the overall media bias toward them- Aaron Rodgers (who is on his honeymoon with Joe Buck) is a smug B****. AND why does the media say AARON Rodgers all the time- what happened to using last names? All the other QBs are called by their last names during a game -Manning, Brady, Brees-

AP is a finite resource, K Williams, J Allen, hell- even Harvin could be old by the time a QB rolls around.


This is me ranting- I know the coaching staff will never see this, and if they did I doubt it would have any impact. I do know that our owners want to win and will do what it takes. Childress would not look outside the draft, we missed Brees, Schaub, Even his golden man McNabb when Farve didn’t want to return last year. I hope the current staff does- 

This is me starting the  stereo typical name chant… C. Palm… C. Palm… C. Palm… C. Palm… AKA Carson Palmer- BEST BET out of ALL potentially available QBs (Unless Manning doesn’t get a new deal… which would be the last thing I’d expect to see).  If you’ve gotten this far- AWESOME- thanks for reading- feel free to comment- and please correct me if I’m wrong. 

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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