Vikings, draft a Derrick Rose.

Hey, I've been away for a while, well really just watching my Chicago Bulls grow up from being the Baby Bulls right before our eyes. Speaking of the Bulls, they remind of the Vikings. The year, 2007, before the Bulls drafted Derrick Rose(drafted in 2008), who plays the QB position of Football in basketball, point guard, the Bulls resembled this year's Vikings. Aging players, no one to take over and lead the team for the future, other teams' throw-away players, and basically a team with no Identity that had a coach that just didn't work out. (Scott Skiles- Brad Childress, get the comparison?) 

Leading up to the draft, their were big debates on should the Vikings Bulls select Derrick Rose or Micheal Beasley. Ok draft a player who plays one of the if not THE most important position in basketball and has tremendous potential to carry a team, (Championship game as a Memphis Tiger) or an excellent player who plays a position who can be easily drafted upon in the future. Great PGs rarely come along in basketball. Great QBs rarely come along in football. The Vikings need to find that Derrick Rose at Quarterback. Someone who can take over games, not afraid to make risky throws that can seal, lose, or win a game. Someone who can develop through playing and not sitting on the bench watching. (Although this is another option that we can do.) Well I have two candiates who I wouldn't mind seeing playing in a Vikings uniform as Derrick Rose.

P.S. I also feel Joe Webb can fit this category for us.

Quoters from the combine, but provides the list of QB's I want to see in a Vikings Uniform.

Combine performance rank at QB- 4

1. Andy Dalton, TCU: You won’t find a more technically sound quarterback in the draft than Dalton. He has tremendous touch on shorter throws. Those who criticize him have to understand that he does not possess great arm strength. If you were expecting to see that during his throwing session, you were going to be disappointed. However, he showed surprisingly good touch on deeper sideline throws, which really isn’t a facet of his game that he’s been asked to work on much.

Again, you have to understand what Dalton is and what he isn’t. He’s not and never will be a power thrower, although his arm is capable of getting stronger over time. What he is, at this point, is a guy who is a rhythm passer, and his path to playing will be shorter than most because he’s so technically proficient. If you watched the Rose Bowl, you know exactly what I mean.

NFL Films’ Greg Cosell was very complimentary about Dalton after watching him throw Sunday. He compared him very favorably to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.


My top candidate is Andy Dalton. He has lead his team to plenty of success over the years and quite frankly, I think is being overlooked or not talked about enough leading up to the draft.  Dalton doesn't have to have the amazing arm strength, but he can work on that , plus his leadership, accuracy, decision making, and mechanics can carry him through until his arm strength upgrades. Grab this guy! Besides, he already wears/bleeds purple! I think he is the type of Qb that everyone will look at but someone will have to make a move to get him, and we might not have to make a major move since we pick 12th. Another option is to trade down a few spots and still draft Dalton or wait until the 2nd round.

Combine performance rank at QB- 1

2. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas: The strong-armed quarterback needed to have a great showing, and he did just that. Mallett was easily the most impressive passer Sunday.

Mallett was much better in person than I thought he would be, and so was his arm. He’s very effortless in his throwing, but that’s not a bad thing. He almost doesn’t realize how strong his arm is. But I would caution those watching at home about passers here. They are not going up against anyone and no one is coming at them.

The ball simply jumps out of his hand, but we kind of knew that coming in. Keep in mind that his game tape is very inconsistent, so one throwing session isn’t going to change that, but he sure helped himself.

Yes, my Arkansas Razorback QB Ryan Mallet. A bit bias to throw him on this list? Maybe, but he is a Good QB worth considering to draft. He actually reminds me of Brett Favre without the mobility . He isn't afraid to make ANY throw and as most people criticizes him for for, "Panicking or breaking down" when the game is on the line, this can have a counter-perspective. Ryan Mallet has actually HAD game winning drives  or comebacks.. Just check this year for instance.(Off the top of my head, check the LSU and Georgia games.)  Ryan Mallet's cons consist of his supossedly character issues and his en-mobility(if that's a word), but don't be discouraged by that. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning don't quite rely on mobility either. More comparisons of Ryan Mallet is a Drew Bledsoe type qb.


Note I haven't eliminated the option to trade down for either one of these qb's and still pick up some more picks. Heck trading down may be the best option, these are just Qb's who I'd like to see in a Vikings uniform.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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