Is the rush worth it?

Hiya chaps (& chapettes),

Those of you who were kind enough to read and comment on my first post will know that i'm quite new to all this stuff. I must say that i am thoroughly enjoying reading all the posts and blogs and i am finding them all very informative....well....most of them anyway :0). continue my education on all things draft related i have another basic question (or 2) for you after the jump.

Reading all the posts it seems to me that there is a general consensus re the QB's in this years draft. Namely, they aint up to much.

Most people seem to agree that whoever it is, be it Newton, Mallet, Gabbert...whoever,...none of them are really a top ten draft pick. Most people seem to agree that the only reason they're gonna go so high is because so many teams are desperate for a QB.

In order for me to truly grasp the relative worth of this years picks I thought I would compare them to last years class. Now, last year Tebow was the 25th pick in the first round, Clausen was the 16th pick in the second round and McCoy was th 21st pick in the 3rd round. My question is, if all three of these players were available for this years class, how would the QB pecking order look? Would we still be thinking about Mallet or Newton? If we had a free pick from this years class and those 3 from last year, where would your money go?

That got me thinking I hope that people take my lack of knowledge into account on this point cos i know it ain't gonna be popular, but hey-ho, here goes.

We gotta few holes to fill - that we can agree on. There's no clear QB option. In fact people are talking about Ponder and Dalton and the likes as our highest QB draft choice. We have a 'developmental' project in Webb - most people agree he has an upside. Most people are wary of a T-Jack style cock-up again. Nothing too controversial here yet, so.....

Why are we bothering drafting a QB?

If no-one in the draft is up to the job as a clear option for the starting position then why should we reach for a further 'developmental' QB (we already have one remember!).

I know that we are fed up with a patchwork attitude and not having a long-term franchise QB, but, if no-one's there then why are we risking another T-Jack?

What is the 2012 QB draft class looking like? If 2012 is looking better then would it be worth getting an 'adequate' veteran such as a McNab, Palmer, heck even a V. Young or J.Russell (put them in just for a chuckle) for this year and giving Webb a chance as No2. At least this would free up a pick for us to address another need.

I know that we always seem to say hey, let's just wait one more year and i know that every year we wait wastes a talent like Peterson, but really, is this years crop the best hope for a true franchise QB?

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