Will Zygi stick his oar in?

Ok guys,

It's fair to say that last year Zygi didn't have the best of times. But how does this affect us?


I'm sure that he knew before last year that the lease on the dome was running out, so the cycnic in me believes that there's been a bit of a PR war going on here, but hey, let's just agree that Zygi WANTS to keep the Vikes in MN. but doesn't wanna pay top dollar for a replacement stadium. What would be the best way to achieve this? .....well, having a superbowl winning team without a stadium and other cities interested would certainly help focus people's attention.

If this was his master plan then, well, whoops....sorta went a tad wrong Ziggy.

So, he brings back Favre, and that don't work out. He brings back Moss....that didn't quite work out either did it? He gets rid of Chilly (yay!) but quite a bit later than the fans (& players?) wanted (boo!)  He then appoints this seems to me to be a 'safe' selection rather than a truly inspiring one, but i'm willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt. So, what does all of this mean?

Well, from the PR battle for the new stadium it doesn't really help him does it?

I know that there are some notable owners out there who get heavily (and perhaps wrongly) involved in the running of the team. My rather long-winded point is.....if Ziggy feels he needs to inject a bit of razz into his (or the teams) PR profile in an attempt to woo the good folks of MN to dip into their pockets and help pay for a shiny new stadium, is he likely to interfere and "suggest" that the FO go and get him a marketable commodity? In other words....would he ever turn round to the FO and say..."Hey boys, go get me The Icon", or he is a truly level headed and sensible owner who trusts his staff to do the best for the organisation and look to the long term?

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