Greatest Football Movie Ever Tournament: Complete First Round Recap

Alright, folks, all of the match-ups for the first round of the Greatest Football Movie Ever Tournament are in the books. Most of the match-ups were relatively one-sided, but hopefully that will change when we get to the semi-finals of each bracket here.

After the jump, you'll see the results of all of the tournament match-ups, as well as what we're looking at for the semi-finals.

Professional Bracket

Game 1 - Brian's Song vs. Leatherheads - 348 votes cast

Brian's Song - 285 votes (81.9%)
Leatherheads - 63 votes (18.1%)

Game 2 - Heaven Can Wait vs. Any Given Sunday - 357 votes cast

Any Given Sunday - 274 votes (76.8%)
Heaven Can Wait - 83 votes (23.3%)

Game 3 - North Dallas Forty vs. The Replacements - 234 votes cast

The Replacements - 142 votes (60.7%)
North Dallas Forty - 92 votes (39.3%)

Game 4 - Invincible vs. Paper Lion - 212 votes cast

Invincible - 164 votes (77.4%)
Paper Lion - 48 votes (22.6%)

College Bracket

Game 1 - Rudy vs. Necessary Roughness - 576 votes cast

Necessary Roughness - 338 votes (58.7%)
Rudy - 238 votes (41.3%)

Game 2 - Knute Rockne, All-American vs. The Program - 187 votes cast

The Program - 114 votes (61%)
Knute Rockne, All-American - 73 votes (39%)

Game 3 - We Are Marshall vs. The Junction Boys - 278 votes cast

We Are Marshall - 227 votes (81.7%)
The Junction Boys - 51 votes (18.3%)

Game 4 - The Express vs. The Waterboy - 283 votes cast

The Waterboy - 196 votes (69.3%)
The Express - 87 votes (30.7%)

Other Bracket

Game 1 - The Blind Side vs. Wildcats - 257 votes cast

The Blind Side - 189 votes (73.5%)
Wildcats - 68 votes (26.5%)

Game 2 - The Longest Yard vs. Gridiron Gang - 247 votes cast

The Longest Yard - 188 votes (76.1%)
Gridiron Gang - 59 votes (23.9%)

Game 3 - Friday Night Lights vs. Varsity Blues - 156 votes cast

Varsity Blues - 81 votes (51.9%)
Friday Night Lights - 75 votes (48.1%)

Game 4 - Remember the Titans vs. Little Giants - 151 votes cast

Remember the Titans - 119 votes (78.8%)
Little Giants - 32 votes (21.2%)

So, in the professional bracket, our semi-final match-ups will see Brian's Song going up against Any Given Sunday and North Dallas Forty taking on Invincible.

In the college bracket, we're looking at The Program taking on Necessary Roughness. . .which I still sort of can't believe actually made it through. . .and We Are Marshall going up against The Waterboy.

Lastly, in our "other" bracket, we'll have The Blind Side battling it out with The Longest Yard and Varsity Blues, another upset winner, going head-to-head with Remember the Titans.

Did your favorite movie make it out of the first round? Any match-ups you're fairly displeased with or happy with? Discuss them here, and we'll get back into the actual tournament tomorrow.

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