My response to 1st Round QB BUSTS...


I'm going to just apologize in advance to Mora0117... but I also wanted to say that I'm not picking on you, just using your post as an example... Many others have said the same thing, but I saw your post and said... whoa! At the same time, there ARE QB Busts... as there are at any position. I just don't put 100% of the "Busts" into a single category.

Mora0117's post:

The List of First round QB cast aways is much longer than the Vikings cast away QBs:
Quinn, Leinart, Campbell, Losman, Leftwich, Grossman, Boller, Carr, Harrington, Ramsey (got’em now!), Couch, Akili Smith, Cade McNown… I wont go on- But ALL were supposed to be BIG TIME guys. First round- Big Dollars- wasted opportunities to get less risky talent that will be there for a while.

If you were going to invest money, would you go for the safer bet- a proven source- or some new hyped up source that is unproven?

What I’m saying is INVEST in a proven guy who can still play- Basically what I don’t want to see is the Vikes spend 6-8 Mill a year on some rookie who could be washing cars before his contract is up and spend 8-10 on a Guy that can get you somewhere. Last I checked, Franchise QB don’t grow on trees. THEY ARE THE EXCEPTION, Not the rule.

C. Palm wouldn’t be a Franchise QB?
K. Kolb (not super excited about) wouldn’t be a Franchise QB?

Both of them have something every QB in the draft doesn’t
NFL game experience, and proven abilities at the next level.

Typically the first round will only give 1 or 2 Gems for QBs- If we were lower, top 5 pick and Gabbert was on the board- Take him! Otherwise the others aren’t relevant in my book. 12 is a tough spot- not low enough. Gabbert will be gone, Newton (who i dont want) will likely be gone. They get more risky as you go on down the list. A 2nd Rounder on Andy Dalton would be great- He already knows how to where purple. Let him hold a clipboard and simmer behind a well qualified leader like A Rodgers and Tom Brady did and let them take over when the time is right. Hell- Even Lienart couldn’t do that.

Look up some of the footage of Mel Kiper discussing how Jimmy Clausen is the most pro ready QB in last years draft- How Quinn and Lienart are the next big stars- where are they now? OFF there drafting team because they couldn’t cut the mustard.

Ok... so I don't disagree with anything you said, but lets take a look at the list of QB's you started with...

NFL 1st round QB busts: Quinn, Leinart, Campbell, Losman, Leftwich, Grossman, Boller, Carr, Harrington, Ramsey, Couch, Akili Smith, Cade McNown

Quinn - Cleveland

Leinart - Cardinals

Campbell -Washington

Losman - Buffalo

Leftwich - Jacksonville

Grossman - Chicago

Boller - Baltimore

Carr - Houston

Harrington - Detroit

Ramsey - Washington

Couch - Browns

Akili Smith - Bengals

Cade McNown - Bears


Know what I see here? (With a few exceptions): Ugly Ugly Ugly... I think it might shed some light if I flopped around the list....

Cleveland (previously 4-12) - Quinn

Cardinals (previously 5-11) - Leinart

Washington (previously 6-10) - Campbell

Buffalo (previously 9-7) - Losman

Jacksonville (previously 6-10) - Leftwich

Chicago (previously 4-12) - Grossman

Baltimore (previously 7-9) - Boller

Houston (Inaugural season 4-12) - Carr

Detroit (previously 2-14) - Harrington

Washington (previously 8-8) - Ramsey

Browns (Inaugural season 2-14) - Couch

Bengals (previously 3-13) - Akili Smith

Bears (previously 4-12) - Cade McNown


Do you see the REAL problem now? This is a BIG reason that I won't be too worried if the Vikings think they have their QB at #12 in this year's draft. Sure we were 6-10... but do any of you REALLY think that we are that bad of a team? We had off the field issues up the WAZOO!

Some of these teams have made a HABIT of being bad... and drafting poorly.

Some exceptions...



Now, a good majority of these players had chances on other teams, but, I think it was too late. They were forced into bad situations on their original teams, and you can only be beat down so much...

David Carr is the prime example... I really don't know what to think about his skills... He was sacked 76 times in 2002 his rookie season... sacked 15 times in 11 games in 2003, 48 times in 2004, sacked 68 times in 2005, sacked 41 times in 2006, sacked 13 times in 4 games with the Panthers in 2007... Is that a product of a bad O-line? or holding the ball too long? Bad coaching? All of the above? How is this guy still walking?


You mentioned Leftwich... I don't consider Leftwich a bust... I consider that injury problems. I wouldn't consider him a superstar either, but I think that he's a leader that is fully capable of leading a team.


NOBODY is going to argue that Tim Couch was a bust... but... 56 sacks in Cleveland's 1999 inaugural season... 56% completion rate 15 TD's 13 INT's doesn't look so bad for a rookie QB on an "expansion" team that finished 2-14. Couch was also injury prone. Cleveland's fans cheered when he was injured.

In 2002 Couch, won 9 games, including five in the final two minutes and seven by 10 points or less. Those thrillers included a 31-28 overtime win over Tennessee in which Couch threw for 326 yards and 3 TDs, a last minute TD and two point conversion passes from Couch to Dennis Northcutt against the Jets, and a final-minute TD drive against Baltimore where Couch threw a 1-yard strike to tight end Mark Campbell after being pinned inside his own 5-yard line with 0 timeouts and 1:30 left in regulation. 

Source: ""


J.P. Losman:

"Source : "

The Bills cleaned house during the following off-season, with changes in management and the coaching staff. Marv Levy, the team's new general manager and former Bills head coach, and Dick Jauron, the new head coach, planned on having Losman compete for the starting job against Holcomb and free-agent signee Craig Nall. Losman won the job during the preseason.

Losman was considered by many to be a bust until his much-improved 2006 season, in which he threw 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 16 games, with 300-yard games against the New York Jets and Houston Texans. Losman led last-minute, fourth quarter scoring drives to beat the Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. Losman had a 62.5 completion percentage for the season, a record for Buffalo Bill quarterbacks in a full 16-game season. He was rated the 11th best passer in the NFL, with an 84.9 passer rating.

Losman's performance over the last half of the 2006 season was greatly improved. However, the offense as a whole was hurt by a below-average rushing attack that created many 3rd and long situations. After the season, the Bills traded Willis McGahee to the Baltimore Ravens and drafted Cal running back Marshawn Lynch with the 12th overall selection of the 2007 Draft and Fresno State running back Dwayne Wright in the 4th round.

Losman was also mired behind a sieve-like offensive line for most of the first half of the 2006 season; subsequent personnel changes made during the Bills bye week resulted in improved offensive line play and, consequently, more improved and consistent production from Losman. Following the season, the Bills further bolstered their offensive line in free agency, signing guard Derrick Dockery, right tackle Langston Walker, and guard/center Jason Whittle.


Rex Grossman ... I don't know if you can call any QB that has played an entire season, and made it to the Super Bowl a bust...


Jamarcus Russell wasn't mentioned... but a PURE bust there... Oakland's previous season 2-14...

Ryan Leaf... need I say more? I think if you look his name up in the dictionary... the description is BUST!

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