Response to the Response to the first round QB busts

First off- No Worries- Pick away!

This forum is about sharing Ideas and discussing the future of a franchise we love. I'm studying to be a Lawyer and my thick skin is coming in quite nicely. Everything I’ve said is an Opinionà neither correct nor incorrect.

Also, I apologize if any comments of mine have come off as snide or condescending- I try to go after ideas, not people-

I totally buy what you're selling, those QBs had bad players around them- Three rebuttals 

1. Last year many players aged before our eyes, another year- another season of wear and tear... could it happen again? Unfortunately, failure is always an option, and "getting old" is inevitable. So yes, I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say what no one (especially me) wants to see.  A “2-14, 3-13, 4-12” season could happen-

Last year @ 6-10, included the close OT win vs. AZ- the game could have went either way- 5-11 could have easily been.

Many of our players could be on their way out:

Robison, P. Williams (already said he’s leaving), Ray Edwards, Leber, Abdullah (one Safety that could make something happen). Some Key defenders that have the potential to be elsewhere when (more like if) the 2011 season starts.

Rice (good chance with Rosenhaus as his agent), Tahi, Longwell (kicker, but extremely valuable)

New Roster + New Coaches = Full-fledged rebuild mode- PLEASE DON’T HATE ME- but all of the sudden we look similar to those “bad” teams Jester01 discussed, and where those QB “busts” played.

2. The team (and Everyone) is looking for the Franchise QB- The Manning, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Ryan, and he who will remain NAMELESS- the type QB that Transforms your Franchise.

These players don’t show up each draft- Usually only one- who goes in the top 5 (with some exceptions)- that can have this impact. Now, we don’t necessarily NEED a QB like this, a Flacco, Sanchez, Freeman- type would suit us well… Maybe.

AP sat out for more than one game last year due to injury- I hope we aren’t witnessing the START of a trend.

Hypothetical- AP misses 2 games, Harvin Misses 2-4 with his issues -- All of a sudden we need a Stud QB to Make a Lil Magic…

 We all saw what magic Sanchez had when the going got tough during mid last year. Don’t get me wrong- I wouldn’t mind Sanchez in purple(insert whatever comment you want here)- and I could barely hack-it in HS football- let alone college or the NFL- so I respect and admire any NFL player- Starter or otherwise-  But my Hypo could be a reality- Every team in the league is One season ending injury away from being average.

3. “Busts” happen at all positions, yes- Typically the “skilled” positions (QB, RB, WR) on offense offer the biggest risk/reward. Non-skilled offense positions usually offer smaller reward (debatable), with a smaller risk. Skilled defenders bring big reward, with little risk. Yes, there is an abundance of exceptions to every pro sport “rule”- but no position in pro sports is more sought after and comes with more scrutiny than a QB-

Conclusion- Basically- The Franchise QB finds you (through the draft)… ATL went through hell and got Matt Ryan- STL lived in hell for many years and got Bradford… Same goes for SD and INDY.

If we had a better pick- Gabbert all the way, why not- common consensus says that he’s the best option this year. After him the “experts” say Newton- but in my book, he seems like a contract issue just waiting to happen once (more like if) he plays well. After that… who knows- I do like Dalton (knows how to wear purple and all he did was win) – Ponder, injury issues- Locker, accuracy issues (which is important), Mallett, one report called him Immature… really? A head case with no money, add tons of money and fame- you can imagine how that story would play out. – All these guys should be there in the 2nd round- which equals less money guaranteed. 

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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