Biggest Impact by position

So I read an interesting article today from where it mentions that since there is a lack of free agency right now, the draft for the vikes has become more important. There is so many needs for the team that they have to look for the biggest bandaids to improve the team the most. So thats what I want to do here. I want to give an idea of what helps the team the most by position. I'm going to grade each position by how much it impacts the vikes this year (II) and for the future (FI). I assume that injuries won't occur to our star players to make this assessment easier. Lets get started.

SAFETY: 1-2 round pick: Medium (II), Medium-High (FI). 3-7 round pick: Low (II), Low-Medium (FI)

Huge need for the team, but there is no elite safety to be picked. Second round is the earliest a safety will go, and its hard to say how much improvement they would give (I mean, Johnson was a second rounder). They do need improvement though, but I don't think a pick this year will help too much.

Corner: 1-2 round pick: High (II), Very-High (FI). 3-7 round pick: Low-Medium (II), Medium (FI)

Theres some good corners this year. If Prince falls to the vikes, it would be a huge help. Even Smith would be a big improvement, plus him and Cook can get in trouble together. This would be great for the future too since Winfield will start to fall and these early injuries to the other corners will shorten their game life. Later round picks can help with depth, since injuries are very possible to the current top 3 corners. Can't totally rely on the later rounds though, as the vikes have seen (McCauley, Allen).

Linebacker: 1-2 round pick: Low-Medium (II), Medium (FI). 3-7 round pick: Low-Medium (II), Medium (FI)

This one is tough since Leber might be gone, but the two most important linebacker positions are well covered with Greenway and Henderson. Theres just not a huge impact for this year. A linebacker pick would clearly be for the future.

Defensive Tackle: 1-2 round pick: Medium-High (II), High (FI). 3-7 round pick: Low (II), Low-Medium (FI)

With the possible loss of Edwards and Williams, there becomes a slight need at these position. The vikes clearly have faith in Robison since he was given a decent contract. A later round pick would give no improvement for an end, but an early round pick could get a decent result. Rookie ends can have great years, so in the 12th slot, there could be a beast that comes out. Tackle is hard to gauge since they don't always give the biggest impact (except for Suh). This could be important since Williams is starting to get up there.

Center/Guard: 1-2 rd pick: Very High (II), Very High (FI). 3-7 rd pick: Medium High (II), High (FI)

Huge need for this team. Sullivan was overpowered so many times, especially for the goal line situations. It should be the easiest touchdown for the vikes for a running play at the goal line, but they really struggled all year. An early pick can make a huge difference for the team. Just look at the Steelers with Pouncey. The same can be said for the guards. Hutchinson is still the best offensive lineman on the team, but is getting older and more injury prone. Herrara is not the greatest either and could be improved on.

Offensive Tackle: 1-2 rd pick: Medium (II) High (FI). 3-7 rd pick: Low (II), Medium (FI)

This is a big need, but theres not much of a drastic improvement for this year. There's just no elite tackle this year that could replace McKinnie at Left tackle. Plus rookie tackles will make as many mistakes as Loadholt. Even though everyone wants a tackle, its just not an impact selection this year.

Running Back: 1-2 rd pick: Low (II), Low-Medium (FI). 3-7 rd pick: Low (II), Low (FI).

Umm... Yeah, this is not a need. Even if Peterson is hurt, atleast Gerhart can do a serviceable job. Plus there isn't an elite running back, so no need at all.

Wide Reciever: 1-2 rd pick: High (II), High (FI). 3-7 rd pick: Medium (II), Medium (FI).

If the vikes get either of the two elite wide recievers, it could be a big impact. Especially if Rice bolts for the money somewhere else. If Rice leaves, then the vikes essentially have Harvin. This is a problem. Even later round picks could have a decent impact since depth is a problem.

Quarterback: 1-2 rd pick: High (II), Very High (FI). 3-7 rd pick: Medium (II), Medium High (FI).

There was a slight reason I saved this for last. This was difficult. If the vikes pick a QB in the early rounds, than he would be expected to start, which points to a big impact. Of course a free agent could be signed, but an early pick really affects the future too. Later round picks will be difficult because Webb could probably achieve more than them. Remember Tom Brady was the 4th string QB his rookie season, so expecting much from a similar round would be foolish

So now you have this analysis. What to make of it? I think the Vikes need to go with the biggest impact positions. There is a lot of needs, but in my opinion, get an offensive tackle would really slow the progress of the team. Plus Frazier needs to secure his job, and a flashy successful pick could go a long way. Minimum improvement on a position is not flashy in my opinion. Hope somebody reads this.

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